Does anyone remember the last time I attempted a peplum? It has taken me this long to have another go, and this time I used Vogue 8815. I know, peplums have probably fled the fashion scene, I’m always late to the party, but perhaps I’m early to the next one!

As usual the outfit has seen a day’s work, so is looking a tad dishevelled, but you get the idea.


Getting late in the day with long shadows, but such a pretty view…DSC07955

The fit of this top is absolutely perfect. The only change I’m going to make next time is to make the body just a bit longer. I did add 2 cms, but feel that it needs at least another couple to sit into that slight dent that masquerades as my natural waist.


Now I’m looking at the back view I’m wondering if it isn’t a little tight across the back? It doesn’t feel as though it is when I’m wearing it.

It was pretty windy and I struggled to find photos where the peplum wasn’t flying about everywhere. DSC07967

The details:

Pattern is Vogue 8815, with a smidge added to the body length

Fabric is a very, very fine cotton gingham from Potters Textiles which I’ve had in my stash for a little while

Skirt is my latest pencil skirt

Shoes are XSA


8 thoughts on “Peplum

  1. Hi Sue love this outfit looks great on you, you have inspired me to dust off sewing machine.

  2. Hi Sue, the top is a good fit and colour goes beautifully with your skirt. is there any lining in the top?

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