A suit – sort of!

Last night I put the finishing touches to a skirt and vest that I’ve been making for the last few days. I bought a remnant in Tessuti’s Melbourne – 91cm of wool houndstooth check. I bought it intending to make the skirt from Vogue 1247, but I had enough left over for the vest – joy!



Having made the skirt previously, I was pretty comfortable with the construction, but decided not to bind the seams as I felt they showed through the fabric. The wool  is not a particularly tightly woven fabric, so I decided to line both the skirt and the vest. (note: I have to pad my boots out with thick socks to make them fit my ankles!!).

I made the skirt as long as possible and it actually finished up being too long! I wasn’t going to do a waistband as I didn’t like it on the previous skirt, so instead used the cut off hem to create a hidden waistband. This seems to suit my short waisted body much better. The skirt is really comfortable and I have a smooth finish with no bulk over the waist. I used skirt petersham from my mother’s stash for the stiffening and it has worked so well.



I lined both the skirt and vest with some cotton/silk blend lining fabric bought at Global Fabrics in Dunedin, NZ. I didn’t want to use anything that toned in, this was in my stash and gave me the sort of look that I was after.

I finally have an invisible zipper foot for my new Bernina. What a difference the proper foot makes! I have a bucket load of these feet for my Janome stash (hehe), and even a universal foot or two, but none fitted the Bernina. It is bliss, and I am keen to make lots of things with invisible zips!

The vest is copied from a vintage vest loaned to me by a friend. It belonged to her mother and she estimates that it is at least 70 years old! It is a gorgeous thing. The fabric is soft and supple, and the buttons are to die for!! Such a simple pattern.

DSC04641   DSC04643

I simply traced round the bodice, cut it out of my leftover wool fabric, cut out a lining and then used “ribbons” made from some cotton and lycra fabric from my stash for the ties at the back. I thought these would look nicer than the tape ties on the original, which were obviously meant to be obscured by a jacket or coat.

DSC04650    DSC04653

I have another of these planned and am now thinking about alternative ways to fasten it at the back, as I do feel as though I have an apron on when I look at the back view.


I bought some monkey fist buttons from Buttonmania in Melbourne for the front and I love the result. I thought they were vintage, but closer inspection makes me think that they are not. No matter, I still like them.


I teamed the skirt and vest with a white shirt I had in my wardrobe, but I really can feel a fitted shirt coming on – this one was a bit too baggy.


Skirt is Vogue 1247, Vest is self-drafted. Shirt is VSSP, shoes are Paul Green and the socks are ones that I knitted for Mark, but which felted deliciously in the washing machine and are now happily ensconced in my sock drawer!


Doing pretty well in spite of the wild weather during the week. We walked in the storm and I have to say that I felt moments of terror. The trees were swaying and the wind was so strong in places that I couldn’t move forward.

Average: 23,499 and a couple of new trophies. I am nothing, if not consistent!




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    1. Hmm, in the process of making another and considering options alternative means of fastening. Thank you for your kind comment though 😉

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