Weekend sewing

I had a really productive weekend of sewing – I managed to clean up a whole pile of projects just waiting for elements to be added/changed/finished. I also made a couple of things from scratch.

Whilst I was rummaging in one of my many boxes of fabric leftovers, I found this fabric, which I had made into a top a few weeks back,


When I cut out the original top, I managed to cut out an extra front and back (not because I’m really stupid, but because the pattern was for the whole front and back and I wasn’t concentrating – doh, perhaps I am really stupid!). I stuck the excess in a box but it is now reincarnated as a tank top which will be so useful for wearing under things, particularly in this cool weather.

I also made Vogue 8854 again, this time with the high collar and from a lovely piece of soft fabric that I found in the remnant bin at Knitwit. Unfortunately, more stripes were involved – sigh! I did a reasonable job though. In some cases I had to sew the seams in sections to get the matching pretty much perfect. I used a vintage button that I found in Barcelona (hehe, long way to go for a button!), and I had to cut the collar down by about 2.5cm as it came up around the middle of my ears!


I did add the side pockets again, but then couldn’t resist belting the top, which renders them pretty useless!


I teamed the top with a skirt made from the leftovers from my Burda pants. This skirt was made from Vogue 1247, which I have seen on so many blogs that I had to buy it.


What I love about this skirt is the pockets, but it is very short. I managed to stretch mine out a bit ;). I did make it a size bigger to accommodate the waistband, but it was really uncomfortable, so took the waistband off. I then had to make the skirt about two sizes smaller, which means I have finished up with a frilly bit at the top. I might have to unpick and redo. On the other hand, I might not. I originally made this skirt as a sort of muslin because I’ve got two beautiful pieces of wool from Tessuti’s that I want to make from it and I now know which size to make and not to put the waistband on it!


I also made the belt, with some wide elastic bought at Clegg’s in Melbourne and a buckle from my mother’s stash.


I caught up with OzViking for a coffee. We have been corresponding through our respective blogs and via email for some months now, and we live in the same suburb, so how nice to catch up in person? I took a photo to commemorate the occasion, but should have taken more to give myself some choice, but I have to publish it anyway.



Steps: 28,798

Average: 23,694


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  1. It was great to meet you in person and I am looking forward to a lot of fun and collaboration in the future. Who knows what we can come up with? 🙂

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