Two heads are better than one

The leather that my friend Thelma donated from her stash to mine has been like a siren’s call. About once a week I get it out and try and think about what I can make that will do it justice. I have been thinking collars, pockets, trims, etc. but yesterday I wore this skirt and it proved to be my inspiration:
How simple is this? Two strips of slightly shaped leather on a stretchy band. I spent the drive home thinking about how I could jigsaw together a few pieces of leather, sew them onto some stretchy stuff from my stash and fashion a skirt – sounds easy!

So, I rushed home and dug around in the leather box. I found a few big pieces, but one really caught my eye – a whole hide of soft, sludgy green leather; delicious. I drafted a pattern –          DSC04055-2-1

this took skill 😉

Then, joy of joys, my friend Suzanne called in – she didn’t escape for a few hours, this became a two woman job!


Anyway, with great trepidation I started cutting and we pieced the skirt together. I cunningly took photographs whilst Suzanne did all the work…


Stitched it all together, rummaged through the stash for a stretchy band and voila! a new leather skirt.



How well does it go with my green suede boots?

To the more mundane – GCC

Monday: 21,173 (ok)

Tuesday: 20,016 (disappointing)

Average: 24,007 (still exceeding my 20,000 goal)


7 thoughts on “Two heads are better than one

  1. Oh, I just love your skirt, it is really bohemian-ly gorgeous! I love the colour, and the patching; everything about it. And it is a perfect match for those boots, its like they were made to go together 🙂

  2. Great to see the production line is in full swing still SS – glad the leather was used to make such a saucy little skirt! Have a good work week. TC

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