Holey schmoley!

Although I make socks for everyone in the family, there is something about my toes and I always seem to finish up with holes where my big toes should be. No-one else in the family suffers from this, just me.


So, I spend quite a bit of time darning – using this cute, oddly shaped darning “mushroom” that I bought in Pennsylvania.


I have decided that I am not making any more socks without reinforcing the toes, but meanwhile have been honing my rather poor darning skills


I had a day’s leave today, to help get Archie off to Thailand, but did manage to sneak in a new pair of socks with yarn from my stash. I added woolly nylon to the toes to help make them stronger – fingers (or is that toes?) crossed! What’s nice is that it is completely invisible and is not noticeable when wearing the socks, and so worth the tiny bit of effort.



Wednesday steps: 20,717 (ok)

Thursday: 20,153 (getting worse!)

Average:Β 23,761



4 thoughts on “Holey schmoley!

  1. Very nicely done! I always darn my own hand-knitted socks too…. when you spend 20 odd hours knitting them you really start to appreciate them, don’t you? πŸ™‚

    1. I knit mine on a machine now because it’s so quick, but even so, I can’t bear to throw away a perfectly good sock because I’ve put a hole in it! We don’t buy socks at all in our family any more. I knit them for everyone.

  2. I have the same problem with big toes and socks, I found the only thing that helps is filing my toe nails after I cut them so that the edge is at 45degrees-ish.

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