Betty Boop

This is probably the scariest post I have done so far (although it is early days!). Inspired by HandmadebyCarolyn’s white bombshell (doesn’t she look amazing?), I rushed off and bought this pattern from Closet Case Files and decided that I had to have it in a polka dot! Given that these are ’50s inspired bathers, I thought I would channel Lucille Ball, but, as the title of the post suggests, they came out more Betty Boop! Not to worry, I still really like them and they are uber comfortable!DSC04007-1

As always, size was an issue. I went for the 6 but spent the whole time wondering if it was going to be a two person operation to wrangle me in and out of these bathers. In the end, they were perfect; a shimmy, or three, and I was in. My only issue is that the elastic isn’t tight enough at the back, so a bit of unpicking is going to have to happen, sadly.


I was really pleased with the fabric, on sale at Spotlight! I bought the required amount, but for the first time ever, really messed up the pattern laying – my front wasn’t on the fold! How did this happen? Extreme tiredness coupled with over eager sewing, I suspect. Anyway, back to Spotlight and I bought two metres (not sure why), but in the process finished up with another 1.5 for $3. I now have a serious stash of red and white polka dot lycra!! Maybe I’ll wait for the sewalong and make them properly!


I had to wear a hat for these photos as my Sunday hair is looking pretty extreme. In fact, I made a ’50s bandanna with a big bow on the top, but deleted all the photos which featured this little abomination!

I was pretty chuffed with the shoes I found though – these are the most uncomfortable shoes ever and I thought I had disposed of them – who knew they would be just the thing for a photo shoot where I appear in very little for the world to see! Please focus on the shoes peops!!

I have to say that I am looking forward to summer, lolling, ’50s style, on the daybed that Archie built when he was still in high school – pretty good huh?


At the moment it is undressed for winter, but in the summer it is pretty swish.


I wasn’t the only one being creative this weekend. While I slaved over a hot sewing machine, Mark slaved in the kitchen (I know where I would rather be!) to produce this amazing apple pie. Yum!


er, there’s a piece missing – the kitchen rat has been at it again! hehe!

I was very excited on Friday because, at long last, my tripod had arrived. Yay! No more propping the camera on bins and boxes and chairs! Well, it flashed before my eyes and when I saw it next it was on the table in pieces – Archie had taken it to the beach and it was full of sand- grrr!


However, he did take some lovely sunset photos – one of which I will share with you…


It looks fake, doesn’t it, but my tripod has the sand to show that it’s real!!

To the more mundane – Global Corporate Challenge:

Friday steps: 22,045 (ok)

Saturday steps: 31,200 (exc, new PB – due to two big walks!)

Average: 23,990


Bathers: Closet case files pattern, fabric from Spotlight

Shoes: FF from Breathless

Hat: Helen Kaminski



17 thoughts on “Betty Boop

  1. Sue you look fantastic in your new swimsuit – or is it bathers? – or togs? Whatever your new polka dot creation is amazing. Congratulations and well done!

  2. I just bought 2 lots of Lycra from Tessuti but that was before I saw this pattern so I didn’t get enough 🙁
    I might get your fabric and make them in the sew along because I am terrified of such stretchy fabric, then attempt something else with the other fabric. How do you find the time to sew so much?!

    1. hehe! I rush home from work and then spend the next three hours or so in the sweatshop. I’m lucky because my husband does the shopping and cooking. I’m supposed to do some sort of cleaning, but, um, I’m pretty slack!
      Shame about the lycra from Tessuti, but you’ll find other uses for it. The stretchy fabric was really easy to sew with.

  3. Woa, you look amazing in your fabulous new bathers!!!! *wolf whistle* I absolutely LOVE it in the polka dot!!
    Thank you so much for the mention too 🙂

    It’s funny, I’ve noticed that some versions have shorter wider ties like yours and some have longer skinny ties like mine. I wonder if some of us are folding along a different axis than others?

    1. I tied mine in a bow – didn’t want it to fall down! I had noticed yours draped fetchingly down your back. The elastic measurement was wrong for me as I have really stringy thighs 🙂 so I have now made the adjustment and they look much better. I might post an updated pic because it has made a huge difference – I pulled in the front bit as well. I still don’t like them as much as yours though.

  4. I love this! The fabric is perfect and really adds to the retro vibe. And you look INCREDIBLE! So chuffed the Bombshell made it’s way to Fuji!!!

  5. You look wonderful!!! Betty Boop has nothing on you!

    Also, this post had me laughing out loud!! I have several pairs of very uncomfortable shoes. Perhaps they will come in handy for my own Bombshell photo shoot!

  6. What a wonderful fabric! The suit lokks great on you! Would you tell me where to get the fabric? I don´t know “spotlight” and google didn´t help me.
    The sunset is really fantastic – what a nic place to be!
    Many greetings from germany,

    1. Thank you Julia. The fabric is just lycra, and Spotlight is a shop here in Australia. I’m sure you have a lot more choices in Germany! cheers Sue

      1. Sue, you´re right, we have some nice choices over here too, but I´ve never seen a lycra for bathing suits in red with wihte dots and I´m really fond of that! 🙂 Julia

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