So, I was at the Quilt and Craft Fair yesterday with my friend M, and she mentioned the acronym SABLE – Stash  Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy – how good is that, and how true for me! I can’t see how I can work my way through any of my stashes over the next 20 years, by which time I will probably be over it! Eek, I think I’ve turned into my mother!!

The theme for MMM today was “home town”. I don’t really know what this means – where I was born? Where I spent my formative years? In the end, all too hard, so I went with where I live now – Claremont! This meant that I could get the photo done before work, with no real stress. But where in Claremont? I went for Bay View Terrace because it was easy to park!


As I review this photo, it really hits me that Bay View Terrace is no longer the iconic street that it once was. All I can see are bits of metal and rubbish bins, plus new paving that does not suit the historic street at all. It actually makes me sad. The image that I posted to Flickr has the bin cropped out:


I guess it looks marginally better. Today I am wearing: another o-ring necklace from Dairing (different colour from yesterday) a grey long sleeve t that I copied, navy blue ponte pants from StyleArc, machine knitted socks, and another version of the Endless Loop wrap, worn differently from here, and in a different yarn – pure baby wool instead of rayon. This makes a massive difference to the way it drapes. The back view is quite interesting:


It almost looks as though I have a skirt on – quite weird.

I also have on a magnet “pin” that I made last night from an object I bought at yesterday’s fair. It is a bit of fake steam punk (which I love – the real stuff anyway)DSC03302

I managed to find an old name tag and cannibalised the magnet. It worked really well. I must start scouring the place for some found bits to glue/weld together.



The only other thing to report is yesterday’s steps: 26,014 (excellent). BUT… How am I going to maintain that average – forgot to start low!


4 thoughts on “SABLE!

  1. I just love the acronym. Now I just have to remember it. Let me know whether there was anything specific I need to look for at the Craft Fair. Have a lovely weekend.
    Lynne C

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  2. Hi Lynne, so many things! Stephen and Teresa from Dairing are there – go and say hello. What time are you there? I am swinging past.

  3. As to SABLE ,I can but agree-you have heard of” bracket creep”-well Sue is the master of the expanding stash-her dedicated room (which I hasten to add is not small and has significant shelves and benches and cupboards) is at breaking point and Archie and I were musing the other night that we can see the stash creep into the living room and beyond.
    From a very patient and loving husband !!!

  4. Well, I will admit the chair now has a few bits of fabric on it – but it is all for the men in my life, nothing to do with me!!

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