Another challenge!

Well, just as I can see the end of MMM’13, I begin the Global Corporate Challenge and this one goes for 3 months. This is my 7th time doing the GCC, although I did have last year off. I am therefore going to be reorting my steps daily, somewhat in the style of Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Today I went to the Quilt and Craft Fair, meeting up with my friends S and M. We had such a great time. I wore five me made things (how I am looking forward to giving that phrase away!) – machine knitted socks, skinny leg pants and long sleeve t from StyleArc, and in honour of my friends Teresa and Stephen Dair from Dairing, the o-ring necklace and snowflake shrug. I thought I looked ok, but the shrug drove me insane as it slowly fell apart, caught on people’s bags, and so on…


I will repair it before next summer and might get some more wear out of it.

I have now given in and downloaded Lightroom in an attempt to improve my photographs. Not sure if it’s working ;). I want to make the images larger, but can’t work it out. I need to spend some time on all this.

I have just been to the launch of this season’s fashions at Sab Five Five. Gorgeous leathers and some amazing clothes. I am so pleased that I didn’t buy anything…

Steppage yesterday (which doesn’t count!): 24,876

I will report today’s steps tomorrow…


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