Disgusting mess

…this is what my lovely child said when I told him I needed a photo taken in my room for MMM’s Friday theme. Oh well, he’s right of course! Have a look – this is only half the disgusting mess – the knitting side can’t be seen in this photo:


My me-mades today are the same jumper as yesterday – Filatura di Crosa’s Romantic Blouse, modified massively – I made it the correct length, but left all the trims off. I also blended the Superior yarn with some cashmere bought from a woollen mill in the UK to make it thicker, so I don’t always have to wear something under it. I am also wearing a scarf made from yarn bought in NZ – it feels like I have a cat wrapped round my neck, and it sheds all over me in a very catlike way as well! I am wearing a belt made from wide elastic with a gorgeous Edwardian silver buckle bought from an antique shop in Sydney, and I have the ubiquitous knitted socks on – not shown here. I am also wearing a non-me made skirt by Sab Five Five (the shame!).

I thought that if I was going to show some of the disgusting mess, I should show all of it. I should mention that this room used to be my study, and indeed much good work has come out of this room. The only relic left is the desk that my overlocker now lives on and a few books left in my cupboard – note the way the stash is encroaching!


I also have the other half of the room housing the knitting machines and the wool stash. In for a penny, in for a pound, I might as well lay myself bare here!


Bottom line is that I will be spending some of the weekend having a good tidy up (maybe 😉 ).

Speaking of lovely children, I managed to capture a photo of Archie in a shirt I made for him from “cammo” fabric. It was a struggle getting the photo as he was in a hurry to get out, so I note that he is sans one sock! The pattern is my old friend Vogue 8800, and the fabric came from Spotlight. I had enough to give him a short sleeve version as well. Presumably he’ll be well hidden in whatever nightclub he finishes up in!


Not a great photo, I’m afraid, this means I’ll have to try again. Sigh!


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  1. I love the stash taking over from the academic books. Trust me, this is very healthy. Only books in my room now are stitching related!

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