“Romantic blouse” – not so romantic on me.

Well, I’m still going with MMM, which is a miracle. Today I managed to magic up three items – the red Filatura di Crosa “blouse”  from Superior yarn, which is so warm, with black Elle pants from StyleArc and a pair of red cashmere/wool socks.

I knitted the Superior Romantic Blouse from the Filatura di Crosa Fall-Winter 2008/2009 book around three years ago.


I can’t find the same book online, but have managed to find a photo of the blouse


…doesn’t quite look like this on me. You will immediately notice that it is longer than mine. There was an error in the pattern and I didn’t pick it up until it was too late. The garment was far too short. Instead of pulling it out and starting again, I replicated the sleeve and neck trim and stitched it round the bottom. Mine is still shorter than the pattern, but it’s not too bad.



Here is a photo of the sleeve detail


The great thing about MMM is that I didn’t wear this jumper at all last year, but I can imagine that I will wear it at least twice during May and perhaps a few times during winter. Just to give an idea about how gorgeous this yarn is, I weighed the jumper – 50grams. I think that’s pretty amazing.

Today the sponge  for my knitting machine arrived, so I am now going to spend a pleasant evening gluing it on to the bar.


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