Saturday sewing solace

I often think of this quote by Ogden Nash “Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you”. I don’t mind being home on Saturday night because it’s a great night for creative endeavours. Mark is glued to the football and I’m glued to – well, a machine of some description!

Tonight I’m making another wrap – this is a stashbuster, so I’m very, very happy with myself. After yesterday’s disgraceful photo I have cleaned up my study, sweatshop, room. I won’t bore anyone with the after photos, trust me, it is marginally tidier.

Today’s me-made was a triumph – I wore five things, which is an achievement for me. Next year I am going to do undies too, so I can really have some bragging rights! Anyway I am wearing the Susan top from grey merino stretch and Elle pants, both patterns from StyleArc, machine knitted socks, me-made belt a la yesterday, and a Weekend Tunic, pattern from Dairings in Melbourne, yarn from Peruvian Alpaca, spun and  hand dyed by a women’s collective and bought on a trip to Philadelphia. I knitted this a couple of years ago, but have only worn it once or twice as I feel so fat in it. Someone introduced me to the concept of caterpillar sides and I am scarred for life by this. If this is a new concept to you, I will explain with an image – see the rolls down the side of the caterpillar? This is the fear… I can suck in my stomach, but much tougher to suck in those suckers down the side!


I was going to use an image of an actual caterpillar to illustrate my point, but was concerned about copyright. Archie did this painting when he was 6 or 7 and it has hung on Mark’s office wall ever since. It’s moved around with him and I had to track it down yesterday to get the photo. It’s looking tatty and I love it so much that we should be framing it properly so it doesn’t fall to pieces.

Anyway, I digress, Weekend Tunic and caterpillar sides go hand in hand. I note that I display caterpillar sides in the Romantic Blouse post a couple of days ago – eek!

Speaking of Archie, he has made his mother happy by going off in the fingerless gloves I made him to take to the US at Christmas. I even managed to get a pic – I think he is praying for more good clothes! (or maybe he is paying homage to my knitting skills!). The gloves are made from a pattern called “Kim’s Sockotta Fingerless Gloves available through Ravelry or They are terrific for stashbusting that odd ball of wool.


I now have a new camera – it’s official. It’s a Sony NEX 7 and it comes with three different lenses and lots of accessories.  It’s not really new, it is Archie’s cast off – he has bought something fancy. Now I have to learn to use it as I am a connoisseur of the point and shoot variety of camera. Expect improved photos – maybe! This photo was taken out of a window at work. I thought it was pretty good.



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