Sue’s Sewing Surge (or is that serge?)

OK, I love alliteration, hence the title of the post! This is my second attempt at this post, I managed to lose the first and the second attempt is never as good – I know this, of course, because of all those reports and papers that I’ve managed to lose over the years.

I needed a photo for Mother’s Day for my M-i-L who lives in Hobart, so gathered the family together and got some photos taken. In the process I also got photos for MMM’13 and the three men in my family kindly “frocked up” in shirts I had made them – how good is that? Tom was visiting and was in his trackie pants (made by me – more on them later), so borrowed Archie’s newest shirt. This is the one made out of 1m of fabric instead of 1.9m and so faced with bits of his Christening robe. I’m quite chuffed with how it turned out.


So, Tom and Archie are wearing my old favourite, Vogue 8800, fabric from Spotlight. Tom is also wearing the Kwik Sew 3663 tracksuit pants, and Mark’s shirt is Kwik Sew 3422 with fabric bought in Geraldine, NZ. I feel vaguely conflicted by this fabric, but he loves it, so what the hell! [later edit: I forgot to mention my outfit – I am wearing my Origami top, knitted from cashmere bought online from the UK, Laura knit leggings from StyleArc, and a necklace knitted on my Brother knitting machine, with a ceramic clasp. One of my friends told me that it looked like something BamBam would wear, so I refer to it as my Flinstone’s necklace]


Tom’s trackies have cute bears on the pocket fabric – kindly demonstrated here.


I managed to get Tom and Bridgette into their pyjamas for a quick pose – score!


I then tried to get Roxie the dog in, but she is extremely camera shy and almost every photo I have of her is of her rear end disappearing under a table or into bushes!

DSC02627 DSC02628

Mark wasn’t keen to model his pyjamas, so take my word for it – he didn’t get sheep; he got spots. The sheep are appropriate for Bridgette as she is from a sheep farm in Williams (for Perthites, who will know where that is), and Tom loves it there, so he got sheep too! Then there is my hybrid pair made from leftovers – it is about stashbusting, right? –  photographed, but not on me!


Now all the pyjamas are done, for a while at least, my thoughts are turning to a bag that I am trying to make for my mother for Mother’s Day. She is in a nursing home and I thought that she would like something to keep all her precious bits in. I am also combining this with an overlocking lesson from Craftsy so need time to watch the video. The weekend is now gone and I haven’t vacuumed or dusted. Oh well, the dog fur and dust bunnies will wait – unfortunately!


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