Today I’ve worn a couple of different things

Today I’ve worn a couple of different things that I have made, but the photo shows what I’m wearing to Jersey Boys tonight. The outfit looks a bit sloppily put together as I was in a hurry to get the photo taken before the light failed.


Now I’ve taken the photo, I decided against the wrap and instead am wearing a vintage sheepskin coat from the ’60s – the theatre is cold, and I thought the ’60s would be a nice touch for Jersey Boys.

I’ve had a mega day of sewing, I’ve made two pairs of pyjama pants for Tom and Mark and have another two pairs cut out – for Bridgette and me. I’ve also cut out a top for Mark. Pics coming…


3 thoughts on “Today I’ve worn a couple of different things

  1. Jersey Boys was one of the best shows we’ve seen – although my sons believe that we don’t get out much!! It was a mega day of sewing and it was heaven! Sadly I have to work and that does interfere in my creative endeavours!!

  2. The vintage sheep skin coat looked great but the theatre turned out to be not that cold.
    Jersey Boys absolutely wonderful -enjoyed every minute

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