Brain droppings

… with apologies to George Carlin for borrowing the title of his book, but it was the only title I could think of which reflected my blogging today.

This post was motivated by a visit from my son, Tom, who is required to write an essay which posits that science and creativity were at odds until the 21st Century, when they suddenly became aligned (or some such thing). Say what? Who makes this stuff up? We Googled, discussed and wracked our brains for any examples of science and creativity being polar opposites through the ages, but it is clear to both of us that those “Eureka” moments that are often the precursor to some scientific breakthrough are as a result of right brained or creative activity. (When I was at uni I remember writing a paper on science and religion – now that was a topic!). Anyway, this got me thinking (yeah, yeah, a rare event) about the whole issue – and I need to point out that I am not musing off-topic, this blog is about indulging my creativity – and relating it to sewing, knitting and any other creative endeavours I might engage in. Science and each of these aforementioned activities is inextricably linked. I am often astonished at the workings of a knitting machine. The genesis of the machines that we know today goes back to the late 19th century – amazing. When I look at my circular sock machine and think about how old it is (early 20th century, I think), it is a real feat of engineering, particularly when one considers the lack of automation, such as computer operated lathes, in the factories where they were built. Sewing machines and overlockers are the same. We take them for granted, but I do sometimes peer into the mechanism to try to work out exactly how these things are working.

Anyway, I digress.

Today’s MMM’13 outfit is not much to my liking. I got dressed in the dark and I forgot to check the mirror before leaving home (still dark when I left). I am wearing four me made things today – StyleArc’s Elle pants and Susan top, a knitted top thingy – pattern and yarn from Dairing’s in Melbourne, and a necklace, also by Dairing’s.  I have taken multiple photos of this outfit, trying to find one I’m happy with. This is a different one from the one I’m posting to the Flickr group, but I like it better: oops, no, I managed to post both of them, never mind!

Photo on 6-05-13 at 9.30 AM #8 (1) Photo on 6-05-13 at 9.39 AM #4

I thought I would post one more showing my necklace. People really like this necklace and I have been asked to make it several times. Problem is that I can’t hand-knit for a while ‘cos I damaged my right elbow, so they will have to wait. On the subject of my arm, I have to use Dragon Dictate for this blog and boy, does it take a while to edit out all the crazy words it puts in. I dictated this as I drove work this morning (a 45 minute commute has to have some benefits).

Photo on 6-05-13 at 9.46 AM #2

This brings me to the subject of my photographs. I haven’t been happy with them – I either use my little Sony point and shoot, or Photo Booth on my Mac. Neither is doing it for me, so yesterday I borrowed Archie’s camera (a Sony NEX7) and had a play. Much better, so might be appropriating it permanently! I need one more lens and a tripod and I will be good to go.


4 thoughts on “Brain droppings

  1. That is food for thought! Of course dressmaking and sewing in general are superficially creative, but when it comes to construction then the techniques are pretty cut and dried. You need both sides of the brain for a happy outcome, I think!
    I like your outfit; it looks both colourful and cosy 🙂

    1. Thank you! I agree, both left and right are needed – more for some than others though 🙂 The only real brain activity I have is trying to fashion a garment out of a small amount of material, whereas you make highly complex and detailed things which would require much more thought.

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