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Plated top

I think I may have blogged this top during Me-Made-May, but I can’t find it, so thought I would do it again. This is a self-drafted, machine-knitted top where I used the plating technique to get a contrasting coloured yarn on the inside. I made it about two years ago. Plating is simply threading the […]

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Weekend endeavours

I had a pretty busy weekend – among other things, I made a top out of some knitted fabric I had in my stash. I have tried to make this fabric up several times and I either had too little to make a jacket, or too much to waste it making a long sleeved t-shirt. […]

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A bit of pop art

I have made another skirt, and with the leftover fabric, another vest! The fabric came from Tessuti’s, Melbourne, and was the fabric used for the black dresses in this year’s Tessuti awards – check out the website, there are some amazing creations. I managed to score a remnant. It is called “Phantom Black” and is […]

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Surf’s up

Back in the ’60s I was a surfer girl (also known as a gidget) and remember when board shorts first appeared – they were really expensive and so I set about making them both for me and for my boyfriend of the day (matching ones!) from a pattern which I fashioned together from some Burda […]

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Straightening used knitting wool

I made this post originally as part of a regular post but have been asked to separate it out, so decided to create a menu button for tutorials – I hope I manage more than this one, I don’t like the idea of being a one trick pony! [later edit: I’ve had to delete the […]

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A new trackie!

As I do more and more walking in the winter, I find myself needing walking clothes, particularly for those day walks where I don’t want to look too scruffy, so I have made a new tracksuit. For the top I used my new BFF, Vogue 8854 – this is the third time I’ve used it, […]

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Holey schmoley!

Although I make socks for everyone in the family, there is something about my toes and I always seem to finish up with holes where my big toes should be. No-one else in the family suffers from this, just me. So, I spend quite a bit of time darning – using this cute, oddly shaped […]

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Bag lady

Today I am wearing carrying a new bag – just what I need! This bag has been many days in the making, I struggled a bit with the instructions and the making of the bag, but it looks ok (from a distance). It is a lovely shape, and I had to master the art of chenille […]

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Dr who??

Today I am wearing the usual StyleArc pants and top, my green cashmere machine knitted socks, and my Dr Who scarf made from Tsumugi silk yarn from Japan. The design is by Stephen Dair from Dairing and this is a lovely, lovely scarf to wear. The yarn is sort of raw silk, but it is soft […]

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Felt something

Today for me-made I have on another original garment – a felted disk wrap which I lined with some very ancient machine washable wool from my stash. The felted disk fabric was a remnant (natch!) from Potter’s, and the lining fabric comes complete with moth holes, which are cleverly disguised by the felted fabric. The […]

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