Tessuti Apron

I have the weeklong workshop happening at FibresWest in early July and I’m doing a dyeing class so thought I should get an apron that wouldn’t show the dye stains and which had good coverage. I’d just made some temporary curtains for my sewing shed (steel shutters will be made at some point), so used some of the leftovers of black cotton canvas to make the apron. I chose the Tessuti Apron as it seemed to tick all the boxes, and as a bonus, it’s a free pattern.

Given that it’s for a “Flower Power” themed event I couldn’t resist putting a flower on the pocket. Along with a SewOverAgeism label.

I really liked it plain but I had made a large Maker label which I thought I should put on the front, but wasn’t sure about whether I would like it. I solved the problem by putting magnets at the top of the apron and at the top of the label. Now I can have it on or off at whim.

It means I can make other removable labels too, should the desire take me.

This apron has a crossover back and I can put it on easily but struggle a bit to get it off. I have to work hard to make it tidy.

There’s not a lot to say about the apron, it was a fun make and the instructions are, Tessuti style, easy to follow. I’m wearing it with a jumper which I machine knitted for Archie when he was 16 and which I found in the linen cupboard. It’s a bit big but I couldn’t waste it.

I’m not sure whether this can be classified as a garment, but I’m going to enter it in Magamsewalong Jovial June challenge as it actually made me really happy – something I need that is useful too.

Just to finish off, I made the Twig and Tale Woodland Sprite wings from fabric given to me by Jenny of @JoeandRoxy. I’m sure I’ll show you more photos at some point in the future, but here is Miss G happily reunited with her cubby. She kept spinning round trying to see the wings, it was quite funny but frustrating for her.


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