Me Made May 2023

Every May there is a lovely challenge called “Me Made May” which happens on Instagram. The challenge was created by Zoe Edwards, a sewing blogger and pattern designer from the UK. Participants are encouraged to wear their handmade clothing and accessories throughout the month of May, and to document their outfits on social media. The clothes do not need to be new, and in fact, we are encouraged to wear clothes already existing in our wardrobes.

This is my tenth year of the challenge, 2013 being my first, which is also when I stopped buying ready to wear. I didn’t really make much of a pledge this year, as I wear all me mades anyway, but I did think about wearing different combinations. I also didn’t want to get dressed especially for the challenge – I just wore whatever I would have anyway. I’m documenting it here as I find it really interesting to look back on the weather and my hair cuts and colour!

May 1 – 7:

Set made from fabric from Mood NYC; Liberty top and tights; Liz Haywood Clair skirt with Pattern Union Felix jacket; Stokx Birdy blouse, dyed with cochineal and jeans; Stokx Square pants from orange denim, Hexie Fibremood Uzma and Made it Patterns Flip jacket; Self drafted raincoat with bucket hat and jeans; Hudsons and a jumper made from a vintage one that Archie brought back from New York.

Days 8 – 14

Rust cord Birkin flares with Lorelle sweater; Liz Haywood zero waste Smith pinafore with wool Plantain tee; Fibremood Harper and Stokx Play pants; Jalie eleanore jeans from wool ponte with oversized top from Japanese sewing book; reversible Pattern Union cora blouse made from wool scraps; Stokx flirt skirt with remade M&S raincoat; Nina Lee London Southbank sweater dress made from scraps.

Day 15 – 21

Liz Haywood Clair skirt in family tartan with loopy mango cardigan; Zero waste trousers and Flip jacket (flipped); V2634 modified and worn with jeans; Stokx play pants from wool flannel, with Basic Black shirt and knitted wrap; green wool Stokx flirt skirt with tunisian crocheted cardi and merino top; Hexie fibremood Uzma with vintage Knitwit pattern skivvy and jeans; Sewing Machina Bob top with despised Hudsons that refuse to wear out.

Day 22 – 31

Favourite sofa Stokx square pants with Elbe textiles Staley top and Tello jacket; Blackwood cardigan, self drafted trousers and machine knitted jumper; Hand knitted jumper, trackie pants; zero waste trousers and Pattern Union cora blouse from heavy wool; Stokx square pants from donated corduroy, machine knitted jumper and Itch to Stitch Lisbon cardigan hacked into a jacket; Flip jacket, corduroy Stokx square pants and machine knitted jumper; pink joan trousers, with mended fine wool top, I also wore a hacked Pattern Union cora blouse; Brown cords I made for Mark, orange merino tee and mended wool cardigan; Lara Sanner Menthe Jacket made from thrifted wool, Stokx Play Pants; and finally a hacked Pattern Union Cora blouse hoodie and the despised Hudsons that I seem to reach for often!

Last year I pledged no repeats but didn’t worry about such things this year. I just wore whatever I felt like and enjoyed my daily browse in the wardrobe. I had enough variety to keep things interesting and identified that I have too many pairs of black trousers and not enough variety of skivvies. May is a month requiring layering and I need a warm brown layer, a yellow layer and perhaps a mossy green layer. Plans are afoot!

Finally a little video of Miss G putting her babies to bed. Her patting is fairly vigorous! Have I mentioned she’s going to be a big sister in September? She’s taking the responsibility very seriously.


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