Zero Waste Petrea Blouse

I’ve been waiting anxiously for Liz Haywood to release her zero waste blouse and was pleased when Liz told me I was the first person in the world to buy the pattern! Didn’t know how I felt when her husband guessed it was me though! chuffed I think.

I love the pintucks and the Peter Pan collar. And it has pockets!

As soon as I had the pattern in my hot little hand I printed it out and set about finding fabric. I auditioned a couple, the pattern uses quite narrow fabric so I knew that either a vintage, Japanese or Indian fabric would suit it well. I decided to start with an Indian fabric that I won from Fibers to Fabrics. It’s bright green with hand painted (I think) flowers in red and gold.

The pockets are super roomy and the blouse could also be worn as a jacket. I made a size 38 but think I could go down to a 36. it’s sometimes hard to know and I think this blouse needs to be a bit roomy.

I decided that it would make a lovely jacket/shacket for our current weather. It’s perfect layered over a simple silk tank and worn with jeans.

I also like it buttoned as a blouse and the back is lovely.

The pattern suggests making faux raglan sleeves if there’s too much fabric at the shoulders. I feel as though I could do that, but the creases fall naturally, so I’m going to wear it a few times and see how I feel.

As I said, there’s quite a lot of room in this, but it does make for a nice twirly top.

I struggled to choose buttons as I couldn’t decide between red or gold. I had several different styles laid on the fabric but in the end chose red and white floral buttons, as I felt they went well with the fabric. From the stash of course.

I also made a zero waste label, just in case we were in any doubt that this was a zero waste make!

Liz did suggest putting a label on the inside of the yoke, but the flowers looked so pretty that I couldn’t bear to cover them up.

I’m not sure how much wear I’ll get from this over the next few months, but I’m thinking of making a red wool top to layer under it.


3 thoughts on “Zero Waste Petrea Blouse

  1. Thank you Sue for giving it a whirl, in very pretty fabric, and being not only the first person in the world to order a pattern, but the first person to be spotted wearing one “in the wild”.

    1. Thank you Liz, I knew I was going to love this as you posted development updates. I am ridiculously pleased to be in the firsts with this one!

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