Making for babies!

Please note the plural; I now have a grandson, although he’s in London so I haven’t had a cuddle yet.

I was due to go to the Fremantle Sewing Group inaugural retreat, but became unwell, and the doctor advised against mixing in close company. I had prepared a few things to make, including some baby things. At the back of the photo are two tops for me, the green is a crocodile finger puppet, and in the foreground is the A Sewing Life Bluebell Rabbit with a couple of felt cushions underneath. There are a couple more things that didn’t get into the photo – I was nothing if not ambitious!

The cushion pattern and felt came to me as part of a destash by Jenny, a lovely follower and now friend. She drafted the pattern, made some for her grandchildren and I got the remainder. I decided that if I only used felt on the front I could get two cushions out of the white felt and there was plenty of other felt for the facial features. I started with this one. The back is made from this cute dog printed flannelette so it’s really nice against the skin. I put an invisible zip at the bottom so I could put a removable cushion inside. I felt this would be easier for laundering.

The removable cushion is made from a discarded but lightly worn tee shirt of Archie’s. I stuffed it with some wool, pure cotton threads and my usual eucalyptus fibre.

It has made a very spongy cushion, which is just what I wanted.

I then made the other one in the same way; everything identical except the colour of the cheeks. I don’t normally prescribe to the blue and pink thing, but it seems appropriate with these.

Every part of the external cushion is hand sewn except the zip and it was a nice thing to do whilst I recovered from the lurgy.

I added a label to each of them – after the fact as is normal for me, sigh.

The finished cushions together. It’s a shame they will be parted somehow.

I then made Bluebell Rabbit. Lisa from A Sewing Life, and the designer of these animals, kindly sent me the wool felt so I didn’t even have to rummage for something approximating the correct colours. These are such lovely patterns to make, the instructions are explicit and clear with lots of images if that’s how you like to follow along.

I made Bluebell’s clothes from scraps leftover from some rompers I made for Miss G and for my grandson, before he was born. I’ve not blogged these, I don’t think, so here they are. They are the Brindille and Twig breezy romper pattern, one with cap sleeves and one without.

and here is Bluebell in her version. it’s the cutest tunic with a single snap at the back, and some very baggy shorts.

and with the rest of the gang on the piano. Florence piglet looks as though she’s about to run away, and James is looking hungrily at Beatrice Fawn. Could be carnage on the piano!

I decided to use black felt for the eyes and nose on Bluebell. I’m very nervous about buttons and Miss G can give these animals a bit of a workout, and my nose embroidery isn’t very good. I’m really pleased with the felt.

Although it looks like I’ve done a lot of sewing, I haven’t, as all the hand sewing was done in the evening, whilst I was watching television, and the rabbit is quite straightforward. The zebra tunic for Bluebell is lined and I used a bit more of the tee shirt scraps for this. It worked perfectly as the zebra print is a knit fabric too.

I meant to bring Bluebell to the bush for some action shots but find that I’ve left her at home, so not too many photos of her, I’m afraid.

I haven’t made the finger puppets yet, so will get to them shortly.

Finally, the end of post reward, and I love this video – Miss G is not bothered that the piano is out of tune and rather dusty!

She’s wearing the very cute rompers I made for her sometime back.


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  1. Of course she is – her Grandma is an amazming sewer – love those animal rompers!x

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