Making for baby, Part ??

I’m beginning to lose count of the baby make posts, so will need more imaginative headings. Anyway, I’ve had a fun few weeks, making clothes and stuffed toys.

I made (and fell in love with) the A Sewing Life Benjamin Bear Cub. This has to be the most fun to make. I made the first one and then had to make a second one as I couldn’t bear (no pun intended!) to give the first one away. The pair of them then had a little adventure in the bush before being separated – why do I feel emotional as I write that? Anthropomorphism is alive and well 😂

I’ve previously reported on the making of the A Sewing Life Florence Piglet and now I’ve knitted her a dress. Quite successfully! The little heart is embroidered on with duplicate stitch.

I am now trying a striped one in a different weight of wool. I’m sure there’s a better method of knitting design than “guess and knit”!

I knitted Miss G this rather gorgeous beanie and used a Kylie and The Machine label on it. The little stalk is completely adorable. The pattern is from Baby Cashmerino 2 by Debbie Bliss which was given to me by Jenny. I’m hoping Miss G will get some wear from this in the winter.

In the photo above Miss G is wearing some rompers designed by Sarah from Pattern Union. They are designed to last a bit longer as G grows by loosening off the ties and unrolling the legs. They are also full reversible. We included knee pads as she’s now crawling. And standing up! The cute bee knit was found in the remnant bin at Spotlight and I just couldn’t resist it.

I knitted three little bolero cardigans, the pattern for which came from the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran book, again given to me by Jenny. Unfortunately I made the first two too big (they will probably fit her next year!) but the pink one fits her perfectly now. Florence Piglet’s dress was made from the scraps. All yarn came from Calico and Ivy. The blue bolero is cotton and the other two are from beautiful hand dyed yarn from Canada.

Next up is a little romper made from some stashed knit and styled with the two cardigans that don’t fit! The pattern is adapted from the romper in Kwik Sew’s Sewing for Baby by Kerstin Martensson, which I found in pristine condition in an op shop for $1.

Because there is a zip down the back I created a zip guard and zip garage – don’t you love that name?

Sarah helped me turn the feet into little roll back cuffs, so I now have a pattern for that.

Sarah and I also made these little dungarees when we were hanging out together. The fabric is a fairly robust drill, and the dogs were positioned in various places. It’s hard to see but the back pockets also feature a dog. I found the strap clips in my stash, they have got teeth which makes them full adjustable. The Beatrix Potter buttons are from my mother’s stash.

And your bonus photo of Miss G playing with a windmill. I couldn’t resist showing you those arms and her very cute feet!


13 thoughts on “Making for baby, Part ??

  1. Oh Sue, I loved reading about all of your makes for your beautiful Miss G! And those photos….just delicious!! Our precious Miss A will be here for a visit in a few weeks, all going well. I can’t wait of course. I’m now off to investigate ‘A Sewing Life Benjamin Bear Club’ which sounds intriguing and just a bit of fun!

    1. Hi Fran, how marvellous that your little one will be visiting. We are in Geraldton from 9-12 September. Will you be around? You should look at all the A sewing life animals, and get the free bear too. I can recommend Benjamin, he is adorable, but then so are the others!

      1. The animals look so cute! How to stop at one though? I’ve sent you a message Sue re: our plans. xx

  2. Lovely post! The three little cardigans are particularly adorable. Thanks for sharing all these uplifting photos of Mark playing with Miss G. You both are the best grand-parents ever!

    1. Aww, thank you Hélène, it’s such a privilege to have a little one to give undivided attention to and she’s very interested in everything so it’s very rewarding.

    1. Thank you and aren’t those arms just adorable? That photo is about a month old and the arms have started to slim down which is such a shame.

  3. Wonderful post, very inspirational! I have a few Debbie Bliss Mags from 10 years or so ago, will revisit, Thankyou.

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