A Felix vest

I was wandering around the local shops recently and saw this vest and knew instantly that it was the Pattern Union Felix jacket without sleeves.

I went home and began looking for fabric. This vest has a matching skirt and I might do another version for spring as it’s rather cute as an ensemble. In the meantime I found two very small scraps of fabric that I hadn’t known what to do with, so have been hanging around in my stash for far too long.

Both were donations. The paisley fabric came from a friend and the cream and black is a really fine wool that Sarah got me from a deceased estate. It’s rather moth eaten, but I’ve cut around the big holes, but do find some small ones when I look. Future visible mending awaits!

Of course I didn’t take photos before quilting, so you’re seeing the two layers quilted together with some bamboo wadding sandwiched in between. I used a quilting template that I got from somewhere, drawing the design onto the fabric.

I bought this big roll of wide bias binding from the Fibres West garage sale – perfect for the job!

I am so happy with the way it turned out. I sewed two strips of the bias binding to make the ties.

I decided I also wanted a pocket, so took one of the ones that came with the pattern, perfectly matched it, quilted and bound it and sewed it on. It was too high! Far too high! So I unpicked it and dropped it further down the body. It no longer matches the pattern, but to be honest I don’t think anyone would notice.

I turned over one of the corners so I’d have an obvious entry for my hand. The wide bias binding really made it neat.

The insides are pretty good too. I used coordinating bias binding for all the seams, so everything is enclosed, and I sewed it down flat to produce a less bulky seam. My overlocker did not get a look in with this one!

These photos were taken before I had done the finishing tidy up of loose threads, there was a fair amount of unpicking as I really struggled to get the binding to lay flat, particularly the binding wrapped round the edges. I sewed in one of the Kylie and the Machine labels, which was in my Advent Calendar, given to me by Katherine from SewBlooms.

It hasn’t been cold enough to wear this much yet, so I haven’t worked out how to style it, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing a bit of it over autumn. I did wear it with some jeans that I made years ago with Sarah.

For those of you who are good enough to read to the end, here’s a bonus photo of Miss G getting a kiss from Miss H! Yes, she’s crawling!


14 thoughts on “A Felix vest

  1. Another very useful addition to your wardrobe. I got to the end and the picture of the dog and baby is adorable 🥰

  2. Miss G! Where did the time go? That’s a very sweet photo❤️. You did yourself proud again, Sue. Vests are so versatile and comfortable. The tie closure and quilting really makes your version stand out. Well-done!

    1. Thank you Kristen, she’s 8months old and a very Bonny baby. The vest is exactly how I wanted it. I might need a more padded one for winter.

  3. I have this pattern but not made it up yet, so am delighted to see yours – thank you!!!
    (Just looking at the illustrations, I also thought those pockets seemed very high, so have noted to myself to place them more appropriately. Thanks for the confirmation!)

    1. I’ve made so many of these jackets that I should know better! It’s a great pattern for hacking. The weather is slowly getting cooler so I’m looking forward to wearing my recycled denim version!

  4. This looks great. I’ve been looking at quilted jacket patterns but put off by their lack of shaping. I’ve got a quilt I made 30 odd years ago that is fraying in places, and I want to repurpose the good bits. But with my short ars G cup, no shaping just doesn’t cut it. This side dart is simple and adds just the right amount of shape.

    1. Thank you Karey, I need darts too and I like that the jacket has proper sleeves and armscyes. I’ve made more than I can count and the pattern is so hackable. It would be perfect for a quilt.

  5. The photo of Miss H is darling! The vest is pretty good too 😄! I’ve been thinking of making one of these, as it would be a good extra light layer and I’m finding I need these more, especially with our energy bills soaring, and snow in March! Good use of some remnants and scraps. The vest looks a bit like one that Purl Soho put out for free at one time, if anyone is interested to find it.

    1. Thank you Trish! I think any simple jacket or vest pattern would work, and I’m hoping that this will be a really useful addition to my wardrobe.

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