Closet core patterns Cielo top

It’s Natural November on Magamsewalong over on Instagram, so I thought I’d make a top as naturally as I could.

I made the Closet Core Patterns Cielo top for the first time. In this iteration it’s very similar to other patterns I own, and I would have liked a fancier sleeve but didn’t have enough fabric.

I used some vintage white cotton that I dyed with eucalyptus and other plants gathered from the ground at our holiday place, and used a lac blanket which delivers that pink colour.

It’s a boxy top with a cuffed sleeve and I do quite like it. I think the neckline might be slightly too wide for me, it feels like it’s sliding around. I’m wearing it here with my self-drafted stretch denim skirt which is more than ten years old and still going strong.

However, the theme for this make was “natural” so I felt a natural bush setting would be appropriate. The weather had cooled down so I changed into some self-drafted trousers. I did check that there was nothing lurking in that log before I sat on it!

it’s a gorgeous time of the year in our bush garden; the white blooming plant on the other side of the dam is a wedding bush and the glorious pink bush is a tea tree or leptospermum. We have a few of both and they never fail to delight.

And I just couldn’t resist that sky with those stratus clouds!

I have been wearing this top all day so it’s rather crumpled, but it’s lovely to wear and every now and then I get a whiff of eucalyptus.

One of the features of the Cielo is the back shoulder detail. It doesn’t really show up on this fabric but it’s still quite nice. I might have to make one with a bit of colour blocking or leather or something.

If you look carefully at the fabric above you will see that I wrapped the fabric in a net curtain prior to steaming and there is some resultant patterning. Not as much as I had hoped, but it is slightly visible.

I did get some nice detail from the iron dipped leaves though and I may stitch into them at some point to define them a little better, and create more visual interest.

This will make a really nice casual tee shirt for the summer. It’s cool and comfortable and will coordinate with a lot of my wardrobe.


2 thoughts on “Closet core patterns Cielo top

  1. A natural shirt in a bush garden – how perfect! Your dying is especially delightful where you wrapped the fabric with lace. The stratus clouds at your holiday place are otherworldly… I guess Photoshop isn’t necessary in the bush!

    1. thank you so much Lodi, I’m going to keep experimenting with the netting/lace. I have a real love of clouds and spend a lot of time looking at them, so was instantly drawn to this photo. I never use filters or photoshop as I’m too lazy!

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