Anita Slip Dress

There’s a new pattern from Pattern Division and it’s rather lovely. It’s the Anita Slip Dress which is described as “a “me-made” wardrobe staple, updated to be easy to make and modern without losing its classic, nostalgic charm. It features bust gathers in 3 sizes, a high waist, and an A-line shape. With just 1 pattern piece, a variety of knit fabrics and readily available lace and other trims, you can make and remade this dress in different lengths to fit many wardrobe needs quick and easy!

I thought I might make one which I could wear as both underwear and outerwear – very clever I thought to myself, then completely forgot what I was about until it was too late!

I chose some dark green merino knit I bought at the Fabric Store in Sydney, but forgot to cut out the straps. Made a mental note and kept sewing. Then I was having a fossick in my vintage lace stash for something unrelated and found some beautiful lace which I thought would be perfect for the slip. And so it went from a multi-purpose slip dress, to a slip!!

Because this was a pattern test, I found a few things for Ann, the designer to address, and I have to say she took all comments on board. The pattern was delivered with each size a separate file. I felt I needed a size12 in the bust grading to a 6 at the hips, and it was almost impossible to do the grading without a lot of faffing. This has now been addressed so I can’t wait to give the graded version a try. There are three cup sizes included in the pattern, so I chose C/D.

To be frank, I think I should have either chosen A/B or gone down a size. I definitely need to grade down the body as well.

So, these all show the lace straps, which I had attached whilst my mind was well and truly elsewhere. I had to adjust the length considerably to get the bust to fit me without gaping. I found it really difficult to do by myself so engaged my husband in the task. He chose to ignore my pins and got something much more heavy duty for the job! Worked though.

I do love the contrast of the vintage lace with the dark green wool.

and I like the back view very much too.

I know I feel as though it’s a little big, but when I look at these photos I don’t think it’s too bad at all! I did wonder whether wearing a bra would help with the fit, but I didn’t want bra straps taking away from my lovely lace straps.

I will wear this a lot in the winter. The thought of a lovely merino undergarment keeping me warm is making me very happy.

I had intended making another one (or two) of these. I think I need a skin coloured one and I still like the idea of making one I can wear over and under clothes. I will definitely be making a camisole length one from some silk I bought years ago for this very purpose and couldn’t find the right pattern. Well now I have!

All in all, I think this is going to be a very useful addition to my pattern arsenal.

The pattern is currently on sale (20% off) at Ann’s Etsy Shop. For less than AUD15 it’s an absolute bargain!


9 thoughts on “Anita Slip Dress

  1. Looks like a great nightie. The back fits well on you, but the front drag lines look like you need smaller front/bigger cup. I fitted similar Burda nightie/slip for wearing without bra (but with separate cups). It completely changes fit, especially lowering bust point the older you get. The cups look a bit long on you, and might benefit from shortening between shoulder and underarm.

    1. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment Karey. Yes, the drag lines are disturbing. I think I might stick with the C/D cups but go down a size and grade down a little in the hips. A bra might make a big difference and when I’m not taking photos I’ll wear one. It’s a lovely pattern so definitely worth taking the trouble to get it right. Thank you again. Sue

  2. This is a lovely slip, Sue! I hadn’t realised in the former post that you had used a merino knit. This will be very cozy. I have made some merino shorts out of scraps which I am wearing over my tights feeling warm all winter long. With some tweaks the drag lines will disappear and you will be able going in making some more!

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