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A while back my lovely friend Hélène sent Suzy and I some glorious yellow gauze with the idea that the three of us would sew something together in the summer. The problem became – whose summer?! We decided to make a Sewing sans frontieres challenge where we would just ask people to sew anything yellow with us, and we would all sew something different with our fabric, and a few people joined us, which is so great, and what a joyous time we’ve all had with our yellow garments.

I chose the La Maison Victor Morris shirt for my make, as I love the first one and have worn it a lot.


I made the sleeves full length on this one, so I can stretch its wear into autumn. I found that the fabric stretched out a tiny bit so put snaps on the front band instead of buttonholes.

I should have excluded the pocket as it’s frankly annoying, flipping up all the time. The pocket sits underneath the front yoke and it can be seen if you have a close look. I am considering sewing it down.


I love the length of this shirt, which is, of course, designed for a man. I’m not sure what it says about me, but the fit on this shirt is perfect!

I wore it to walk Heidi, the granddog and spied this flying fox in the children’s playground. Well, I had to have a go and Mark recorded the event, so we have some action shots! I look like I’m hanging on for dear life but am only a few centimetres above the ground, so I was in no danger!


I also had to contend with the fact that Mark stood right in front of me and I thought I was going to skittle him. He’s pretty nimble though and hopped out of the way in time to record my “landing”!


As I mentioned, we’ve had a few people join us and everyone sewed something different. If I didn’t catch you in this collage, please let me know and I shall update my post.


From left to right, Hélène, in this gorgeous shirt and I think those are her 1940s ski pants. Suzy is giving us a bit of an action shot of the back of her Envol blouse. Julie made a little girl’s dress that she’s dubbed the “lemon meringue pie” dress. I totally concur! Raquel made this gorgeous yellow lace and jersey confection, and it is just stunning. Viola Isabelle made a yellow Ogden cami and along the way educated us all on the important matter of women’s heart health. I learned so much and doesn’t she look gorgeous in the snow? Suzy rounded us out with a front view of her beautiful Envol shirt. Yes, I have all the heart eyes for it and for all the makes.

This was such a fun activity and everyone now has a beautiful yellow creation to show off. Thank you dear Hélène for kicking this off with the wonderful gift of the gauze, and I have worn my top a few times already so I know it will be in regular rotation.



18 thoughts on “We sew yellow SAL

  1. Your shirt is very nice and it suit you very well, especially with your slender shape 🙂
    I love those lines but don’t fit well my curves… 😛
    I used to have a similar one but in a dark shade of amber orange. It was really nice but the shade wasn’t suiting me so ended up passing it on.

  2. Very lovely Sue! Such a great Summery look and I can imagine it would layer well under one of your lovely hand-knit sweaters showing a bit of shirttail for Autumn wear.
    And now I keep humming “they call me mellow yellow!”

  3. I love the laid-back feel of this Morris shirt on you. Your pics in the park are simply hilarious and you sport this yellow colour à la perfection, Sue! I also found that the gauze stretched out quite a bit while sewing and my walking foot came in handy – thank you for the tip! Thank you also for this nice round-up of yellow makes and bravo to each and everyone!

  4. Love seeing all the yellow makes ! It was so much fun to make and twirl in my sunny yellow dress.

  5. Great looking shirt, love the colour and so glad I’m not the only one that wants to have a go on those kids’s flying foxes when we are out walking Tomba.

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