1920s kimono negligee

I won a prize in the 2017 Designin’ December challenge for this Dior knockoff, the prize being two PDFs from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library. I chose the 1920s hat (made here ) and also this rather fabulous kimono pattern.


I had some silk that I bought in India picked out to make this kimono, but when I laid it out for cutting I grew suspicious and did a burn test. Yep, pure, unadulterated polyester! I was rather miffed as when I bought it I insisted that the shop owner do a burn test in front of me, but through some sleight of hand I finished up with polyester. Go figure! Anyway, that went to the back of the stash and I was thrilled to use this bold, loud cotton lawn that I got at Woven Stories Textiles. I’ve previously made a top from this fabric, but for that I used the fabric on the bias which gives it a completely different look.


The fabric was quite narrow so I had to cut this whole thing on the crossgrain, but decided I liked the way the pattern ran, so didn’t mind too much.

This was such an easy make. I used French seams throughout and bound the front band with purple bias binding. I didn’t put the tassels on the sleeves as I knew I’d catch them on things and possibly dangle them in the dishwater. IMG_8146

There are ties inside the kimono to hold it all together and a large button (vintage of course) at the side. IMG_9343

I have worn this kimono every morning this summer and it has brought me enormous pleasure. It combines some of my favourite colours, and although I had no idea what I was going to use it for when I bought it, I think the kimono was the perfect thing. I did have to be careful with my pattern placement though!


I was going to model the kimono myself, but I always seem to have bed hair and a crumpled face, so the dummy is a much more acceptable stand in!

In the last Designin’ December I also won a prize for my Marimekko dress with painted feather, which has spawned a whole new pattern from Pattern Union.  I want to thank Linda from Nice dress, thanks I made it for organising the challenge, as I have now made two designer outfits which would not have happened otherwise.


17 thoughts on “1920s kimono negligee

  1. Congratulations, Sue,
    I remember the Dior copy! It was red and gorgeous!!! . You deserve your prize. The kimono is lovely – great fabric and cut. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Rachel, and yes, the Dior copy was gorgeous red silk. I wasn’t sure why I had bought this pattern until I made it up, but am very grateful now!

  2. I love these designs from the 1920s. They are so feminine and flattering. Shame on this unscrupulous merchant but, at the end, this cotton voile was just perfect for this kimono. I can just imagine how agreable it must be to wear this beauty on a hot summer morning!

    1. I agree about the 1920s designs, and also that darned shopkeeper! However, I do love my kimono in this fabric and I think I would have struggled to find anything else to use it.

    1. Haha, thank you so much. It’s such a nice pattern. next time I’ll find a way to add pockets, but this cotton lawn wouldn’t have stood the weight of my phone!

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