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The October edition of Sewalongs and Sewing Contests on Facebook is a hoodie sewalong, hosted by Crystal from Sewing Vortex. Any hoodie pattern can be used, but many of us are using the free pattern from So Sew Easy. This is a fairly simple hoodie, with front pockets, a separating zip, and of course, a hood. I thought I’d try it before the official launch of the sewalong and  chose fabric from my stash that I had no idea what to do with. It is a zebra print on cotton knit from Knitwit, which doesn’t have much stretch, and which I thought I might dye to stop myself looking like a refugee from book week (Dr Seuss anyone?). I had the following thoughts when trying to choose a colour:

  • green = zebra on St Patrick’s Day
  • red = embarrassed zebra
  • orange = zebra spent too long on the sun bed. Could also be a zebra with carotine poisoning.
  • yellow = zebra masquerading as a bee
  • brown = zebra rolled in the dust
  • blue = depressed zebra
  • grey = zebra fell in the fire ashes

OK, dyeing the fabric wasn’t going to work, I was going to look like I was in a zebra print no matter what, so I left well alone and decided that perhaps no-one would notice.


In terms of the pattern, one of the first things I noticed was the lack of interfacing on essential parts, such as the front facing, the spots for the hood cord eyelets, and the pocket edges. I added it to the pockets and eyelets, but left it off the facing. I didn’t use heavy enough interfacing for the eyelets as one pulled straight through, and I had to turn it into a button hole. The facing length is probably also a bit of an unknown. It is integrated into the front pattern piece, so just tracing it off will guarantee that it’s too short as the bottom band needs to be taken into account. I was alert enough to think this through on this hoodie, but I’m sad to say that I forgot for the next one, but I do have a cunning plan!

After I had made the hoodie I realised that I hadn’t added seam allowances. Add this to the lack of stretch in the fabric and this hoodie is probably more fitted than it should be. I think that it is perfect for spring where I don’t need to wear a great deal under it.


I added black cuffs and bottom band, and red accents for the inside pockets and hood. I already had the red separating zip which I had bought super cheaply in a Knitwit sale but which was too long. Instead of cutting it down I just made the bottom band long enough to accommodate the length of the zip, hence the very deep bottom band.


I think the hoodie looks most like a zebra from behind with the hood up. I do have some fringing and was mildly tempted to sew a bit down the centre back, but I refrained!IMG_9207

I had a bit of a giggle with a friend when I suggested that I make a pair of Hudsons from the leftover fabric and we had that mental picture of me being zebra-ed all over!

Having said all that, I love the little pop of red in the hood at the back. IMG_9208

I am making another hoodie following the sewalong, using non zebra fabric from Materialise, although the hood is lined with a flamingo print!

The sewalong is running for the whole of October and there are a couple of fabulous prizes:

If you want to participate you just join the group, make the hoodie and the prizes will be awarded by random selection.



22 thoughts on “Zebra hoodie

  1. I have a fondness for animal prints. Your hoodie looks fine. Bonus: you just need to add a tail and you have a Halloween costume 😃

  2. I really like the Zebra print combined with red 🙂 But I am a huge fan of zebra print so I’m probably biased 🙂 I always sew the facing to the top of the bottom band and then it needs to be exactly as long as the fronts.

  3. What a great hoodie! Glad you didn’t dye it as it as so much punch as is. Black, white and red altogether make it very graphic. I would be tempted to take part in this challenge, but October is flying and I clearly know I won’t have time. Excellent job as usual! xxx

  4. Probably all sewists have one or more fabrics in their stash that was bought and we don’t know anymore for what reason it was bought. You’ve found a prefect solution for this fabric when you made the hoodie with the red lining.

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