Vogue 1524 skirt

There’s been a bit of a challenge on IG lately to sew the latest Marks and Spencers autumn skirt which has not even been released yet, but taking the world by storm. Close examination reveals it to be a 1970s inspired A-line skirt with an inverted pleat.

I’ve made this type of skirt many times over the years, but thought I’d do another but this time make it a summer skirt instead. I really wanted to use this amazing crackle painted fabric that I bought from The Fabric Store in Melbourne. I finished up with a skirt that looks like this


…when it was supposed to look like this

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Hmm, missed the mark a bit! Well, never mind, I’ve got a really nice skirt that I’ve already worn a few times, so that’s winning enough for me!

The skirt needs to be worn with things either tucked in or cropped, so I’ve worn it both ways. Here it is with my favourite Itch to Stitch Lisbon cardigan (and the only version I haven’t hacked)


The back is just a simple a-line with a couple of darts either side of a centre seam. I would have eliminated the centre seam but it’s slightly shaped and I didn’t think about it in time!


And for slightly cooler weather, I teamed it with an Itch to Stitch Hepburn Turtleneck, which I haven’t blogged but the pattern is here.  I love the pockets in this skirt; they are big enough for my hands and my phone, but perhaps not together.


I always feel as though this type of skirt is my kind of shape. I feel well put together and smart enough for anything. I’ve already worn the skirt out to coffee and to lunch with friends. DSC01704

This is the pattern from the 1970s, I made View A this time, but I’ve previously made View B here.IMG_9238

I love that this pattern was originally sold in Seattle, according to the stamp on the back, and somehow found its way into my hands.

The fabric is organic cotton which was made as a collaboration between Tory Burch & Piece & Co, which provided sustainable employment for local artisans in Zambia. I bought two pieces because I loved it so much, and may finish up with a cropped jacket to turn this into a suit.

As I was cogitating on the fact that I hadn’t really met the brief and might need to draft something, I found this Knitwit pattern from 1983 in an op shop (the $4.75 is the original price). It is one of the much loved Designed by Vera patterns and I really like both views. They are designed for double knit, so will be perfect for some ponte I have in my stash. I might even have some burgundy to match the original M&S version!


Stay tuned for my next iteration.



25 thoughts on “Vogue 1524 skirt

  1. Looks great to me! I love A line skirts. This is lovely! Funny you mention the “Seattle” stamp. I had a stamp on a second hand pattern once and it made me reminisce – I remembered shopping there when I was a teenager, and sadly that sewing shop was shut down now. I wonder how the Seattle stamp got to you? Perhaps a gift in the mail to someone over there?

    1. Yes, it’s quite intriguing as to how it got to me. I don’t even remember buying the pattern. I’m really pleased when patterns have their shop of origin on them, and this one even has the date!

  2. If you stuck your leg out to the side it would look more like the inspiration skirt, but I like yours better anyway. I have quite a few Knitwit Designed by Vera patterns courtesy of op shops but, sadly, not that skirt pattern which is a lovely style.

    1. Oh funny, I did that and looked like a demented stork! Where do you live Kathy? I was wondering whether I could lend you the pattern. I also collect the Vera patterns and have so many now.

      1. Thank you, Sue. That is very generous of you, but I have loads of skirt patterns and I’m sure I could put an inverted pleat into one of them. I just needed the inspiration of your lovely skirt. I live in Churchlands, btw.

  3. Your skirt looks good, Sue, no matter that it’s not red or exactly like the M&S…..so says the person who actually sewed a red one! I like the Knit Wit pattern but do you think a ponte would press sharp enough to hold that pleat line?

  4. You might have missed the mark a little for this challenge but you end up with a very nice skirt anyway. Feeling elegant and comfortable is all what counts! xx

  5. Oh my gosh! I’m off the M&S grapevine over here in San Francisco but that was my absolute favorite skirt when I lived near Chicago in 1976! If only I still had the pattern! Yours may be slightly curvier at the top, on the other hand nowadays I definitely would want the pockets mine didn’t have then!

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