Itch to Stitch Aveiro Cardigan

I seem to be making a lot of Itch-to-Stitch at the moment as I was able to test Kennis’ latest creation – the Aveiro Cardigan.

This is not just a pattern for a single cardigan; there are a fair number of permutations, all of which I have a yen to explore.

Aveiro cardigan line drawing

The line drawing shows some of the different options:

  • V neck, front open style
  • Four bodice length options: Long, regular, short and bolero
  • Four sleeve options: Long cuff, long, 3/4 length and short
  • Long bodice length includes patch pockets
  • Optional snap closure (none for bolero)

I made the regular length with three quarter sleeves which I thought would be just the thing for spring.


I used a stretchy viscose knit from Knitwit, with stripes that had to be matched, so I cunningly put the bands on the opposite way and cut the front bands on the bias, all of which minimised the pain somewhat. DSC01391

After I had chosen the regular length I began to question myself, but it’s going to be so useful for layering.DSC01399

I had a little bit of fabric left over and I managed to squeeze out a Seamwork Astoria, which is just perfect underneath and the two make a fabulous “twinset”.


The top is supposed to have snaps but I couldn’t find the tool to apply the plastic ones and I didn’t want nickel snaps, so I put buttons on. I used some very cute cats


There was some discussion with Kennis about the sizing – I made a size 6 graded to 2 at the hips and it felt a little bit firm. I made another one, size 8 graded to 4 at the hips and it was far too big, most evident on the shoulders and back neck. This may have been caused by the fabric I used, some felted wool that I got in a local designer sale. It’s stretchy but has very poor recovery. I did consider tossing it in the washing machine to see if I could shrink it right down, but decided against this in case I finished up with something child sized.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 6.14.35 pm

I unpicked the back neckband, removed 5cms and eased the neck of the cardigan back on. It was better, but I couldn’t live with the shoulders. At this point I thought about giving it away, but then had a bit of a fiddle with it and ran a centre seam from the neckline to midway down my back. This removed a further 6cms from the back and it’s much better.


I’m really happy with the way I now have an inverted pleat down the back.

For this one I used some nickel snaps as they seemed to go really well. DSC01534

I was ready to call it a day on the cardigan when I found this fabric. Another viscose knit, but no pattern matching! I went back to the size 6 but graded to a 4 at the hips and it’s much better. DSC01549

I had a small piece of fabric left over and I literally cobbled together an Itch to Stitch Lago tank, which is a free pattern. I had so little fabric that I had to add a band round the bottom and the back was so short that I had to add two bands! I also put a seam down the front of the tank, thinking that it was the back, which was a bit of a bummer, but it doesn’t worry me overly.


I am rather pleased with these cardigans and their matching tops. The weather has been delightful and I was thrilled to find a pair of black swans down on our little section of the Swan River, which of course is named for them.


The Aveiro Cardigan is currently on sale and can be bought here. I think that this is going to be a fabulously useful pattern for wherever you happen to live, and I’m hoping to make many more of them!


17 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Aveiro Cardigan

  1. I love your cardigans Sue! Especially that last matching set. .

    I just recently bought the Lisbon Cardigan pattern and I’ve not yet sewn it. Would you say that the major difference between the two is the neckline? I want to sew all the things, but I also feel a need to be mindful about pattern purchases right now.

    1. I have been hacking the Lisbon into patterns like this, so it should be fine as it’s a fabulous pattern too. The only differences are the neckline, the length and the different sleeve options.

  2. I really like this pattern, Sue (especially like the striped twin set). the floral is also gorgeous. They look fabulous on you (I swear you are aging in reverse!!!)

  3. I love the look of this cardigan, but how is fit over the bust. I haven’t seen anyone talk about FBA with it. With an F/G cup will it work withour onr?

    1. I think you might need to do a FBA. Most of Kennis’ woven tops have cup sizes, but she doesn’t do it with knits. If you had a super stretchy knit you might get away with it.

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