Golden Flints: never say never

I’ve made the Megan Nielsen Flints a few times now, always the shorts version, and even a skirt version a couple of times, and swore blind that I would never, ever make the long version as they would look ridiculous on me. Then I found this gold silk in my stash and it demanded to be made into wide-legged trousers, and so the long Flints were born.

I knew the cropped length really wouldn’t flatter my frame, so I lengthened the legs and narrowed them a bit, took a deep breath and cut out the precious silk. I need to say that this is a thick fabric, almost a dupion, which was easy to cut and sew. It has very little drape, and creases like crazy, and I worried that it might be too stiff for the Flints, but I think it quite suits the pattern.

IMG_0915 (1)

Having made this pattern a few times, I knocked out my golden Flints in very short order. I did manage to wear them once or twice before our holiday, so this post contains a mixture of photos and this one shows the shoes that I have decided always need to be worn with them (Figini, handmade in Milan and really gorgeous)


I fiddled around with tops to team them with and decided that the best top was a Scout Tee which I modified by adding a tie at the waist to bring it in a bit.


The Scout is made from a tablecloth which I found at the op-shop. It is really fine cotton with golden swirls on it. I don’t think it was ever used as a tablecloth as it looked brand new.

I also paired the Flints with an ancient silk cold-shoulder top, which I don’t really care for , but it does have a very Christmassy feel.


A family photo in front of the Christmas tree at The Fullerton Hotel – please note that only Bridgette and I bothered to get dressed up!IMG_0928

and I had to include this one of the staircase with the poinsettias and Christmas lights.


I wore the Flints on Christmas night, and they were perfect for watching the water and light show at Marina Bay Sands, except we had a massive storm with thunder, lightning and drenching rain, so we spent part of Christmas evening cowering under a very low bridge! Here is a photo of the spectacular show though, it is well worth taking the time to go and see if you are in Singapore.IMG_1036

So, having said never, I now have to eat humble pie and own up to the fact that I rather care for my full length Flints!




22 thoughts on “Golden Flints: never say never

  1. It’s nice to sew a sparkly, comfy pair of pants instead of a holiday dress. I especially like how you styled them with the tablecloth fabric top. You have a great eye for design and good fortune to find fabric bargains.

  2. This is the only version of the Flints that I haven’t tried yet! Yours are very convincing: I now have to add them to my endless list of projects. This place looks splendid, beautiful pics!

  3. WOW! I absolutely love the idea of silk wide-legged pants, would never have thought of it before I saw these… they look so chic and comfy. and SILKY! I really love that golden colour on you too. DO you have enough left over for a little top? 🙂

  4. Lovely trousers, and the gold silk is gorgeous. I agree that we should never rule out styles – sometimes they turn into absolute favourites.
    I can’t believe just how much fabulous stuff you score in op shops!

  5. I think those look great 🙂 The fabric is beautiful and the leg width is just right I think! Glad to hear and see that you had a lovely Christmas 🙂

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