Seamwork Astoria x 2

The September theme for the Make a Garment a Month Sewalong was “skirty shirty” and I decided to make two Seamwork Astoria tops, one for cooler weather and one more appropriate for spring. I made them whilst glamping recently and they are so fast and easy to make, they took minutes rather than hours to put together.


The grey one is made from a beautiful viscose jersey I bought in the Morrison sale. I also made Mark a long sleeved t-shirt from the same fabric and, inevitably, we did turn up in the same fabric. I just threw a jacket on over mine and I think we got away with it.


I’ve had this pattern for a long time and I’ve been meaning to make it for a goodly while. I think I was concerned that I needed to make it longer and, let’s face it, I have a lot of t-shirt patterns, but I am really pleased with this top.

The cropped length with the wide band is perfect for high waisted trousers and skirts, but I have to say that I don’t find it comfortable with anything low-rise – I’m not keen on flashing my middle.


This has been the perfect top to wear as the weather made up its mind as to what it wanted to do. It was easy to layer, and goes well with jackets and cardigans.

I also made a three-quarter sleeved version from this gorgeous silk jersey that I got free at the Remida recycling centre. Of course the colour is a bit noughties and I had intended to dye it, although if I leave it long enough it will be back in fashion. I have quite a bit left and may dye that, but this is now the second top I have in this colour, the first being my Odette top.


This is another easy-to-wear top, which I suspect will be in frequent rotation as the weather warms up.


Note my little photo bomber – yes, we are still looking after her and she finds my behaviour distinctly odd, I think!


I am wearing both of these tops with my yellow StyleArc Taylor skirt, but they both look good with a few other things in my wardrobe.



15 thoughts on “Seamwork Astoria x 2

  1. I haven’t post my shirt for September yet, as my workload has been insane lately, plus I had problems with my buttonhole feet! Anyway, I wanted to ask if you lenghtened this pattern at all? I also have Astoria in my collection and might just give it a try too!

  2. Perfect timing, Sue – I have been trying to find something to go with my Winslow Culottes and this pattern would be perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!

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