Sewing Workshop Odette

During Me-Made-May I kept seeing some fabulous clothes and a lot of them seemed to be from The Sewing Workshop. Now I do already have a couple of their patterns and they are all a little bit edgy, so I wasn’t surprised that I was tempted by more. I bought the Odette & Ivy pattern and set about making Odette whilst I was camping last week.


I used a bit more of the greenish cotton knit that I found at REmida (a local reuse facility) as I was treating this as a wearable muslin.

This is a pattern with a lot of nice details and it actually reminded me a bit of my leap of faith top. Odette is the top on the left.

odette & ivy

It was surprisingly simple to make. I do think that my neck binding could have been a little bit shorter and was tempted to remove it and have another go, but decided that it wasn’t enough of a concern for a toile.

I really like the shape of the back, although I’m not sure why that seam is puckering a bit – perhaps because I didn’t press it well enough.DSC07984

So, I shall be making more of these in the spring. I really want a striped one…DSC07974


24 thoughts on “Sewing Workshop Odette

  1. The puckering is very minor and the result is beautifully wearable, especially for a toile. Love the colour.

  2. Really like that! Think I’ll look up that pattern. Have ten of their patterns, but they are much older. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think the color looks great on you, very pretty. It compliments your skin tone beautifully. I’d say the top is a winner too.

    That’s an interesting pattern, but perplexes me a little. Do you think the seams on the left side of the body are meant to be fitted as princess seams? I’ve just bought my first SW pattern and a Diane Ericson one, the Fault Lines one. I couldn’t face another plain vanilla tee-shirt unless it was In some really exotic fabric or the Sewing Fairy dropped a load of silk jersey on me. 😉

    1. I don’t think it’s a princess seam, all their patterns are strange which is what makes them interesting to me. I agree about vanilla tee shirts which is why I went for this one. I haven’t heard of Diane Ericson – off to look now!

  4. You did it while camping? How did you manage to press it all? It’s lovely and I wouldn’t worry too much about the seam; it’s not very noticeable.

  5. I really like this top on you and the details are really lovely. I have bought two pattern from this company and so far, I have only made one which was a dress. It was a total disaster and I was so disappointed as I love the line drawing. I should have read reviews before buying it because on PR I read that everyone else had the same problems a s me. I must try the second pattern which is pants and a top and luckily the reviews read well. I am becoming quite weary of Indie patterns and learning to go back to where I was before I discovered online Indie patterns and adapt Burda Style as I always use to.

    1. I am so surprised that you had a disaster. When I looked at this designer I could see she was really well known and experienced. I never check PR until it’s too late so I’ve had the odd catastrophe. I know what you mean about Indie patterns – they all start looking the same to me, which is why I was drawn to The Sewing Workshop – I liked the detail.

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