Itch to Stitch Lago tank

The Itch to Stitch Lago tank is a free pattern and I thought it would be really useful for summer. I made one out of scraps first



Then I used some of the fabric that I had dyed. This is a pretty classic tie dye, using a few objects such as squash balls, and bottle caps. I mordanted the white fabric in soy milk and then dyed it in rosemary leaves and added the objects and gave it a quick iron bath using ferrous oxide which I have been brewing in the garden.

Due to some irregularities in my fabric (think remnant with a large hole in it) I had to make the armholes a little lower so I can only wear this over something, but I’m fine with that.


I just noticed that long thread, but can’t find it on the actual top – how frustrating is that?!

I added a little pocket with a flap and button, just because I could.dsc09666.jpg

I had a lot of trouble with my coverstitch on this tank. I changed the needles, rethreaded it (twice), and finally exchanged the overlocking thread for some high quality Rassant thread and it then worked like a dream. The coverstitching took me longer than making both tanks put together. So irritating and as soon as I changed the threads I remembered why I had bought the Rassant thread – it’s not the first time this has happened to me. Am I becoming forgetful? Aaagh!!

Like all Itch to Stitch patterns, this one is a dream to construct. Such a quick make and I see more in my future.DSC09664

I have a tiny piece of this fabric left and am looking forward to finagling it into another top of some description.

I teamed the top with my black Hudsons, but it also goes brilliantly with my Itch to Stitch Tierra Woven Joggers. More of these on the radar too!


25 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Lago tank

  1. I think your dyeing job is absolutely beautiful! really inspiring me to try some natural dyeing again. Making a top with simple lines like this is the perfect choice to showcase those beautiful splotches. I love it!

  2. The print turned out beautiful! You’re getting better and better at this! The pattern is perfect to highlight the fabric! I sometimes think I could use a coverstitch machine, but I read so often about people having issues with theirs.. You are not alone! πŸ™‚

    1. My problem with the dyeing is that I mostly can’t replicate anything, but perhaps that’s the fun. I generally have no problems at all with the coverstitch machine, as long as I use high quality thread. I have two CS machines and just couldn’t live without them!

  3. What coverstitch are you using, Sue? I have been doing a lot of jersey projects lately and noticed that it takes longer for the coverstitch finish than the assembly too!! But in my case, it’s surely me, I have a Babylock and it works like a dream.

      1. I’ve done that Craftsy class and it possibly is a bit basic, but I think I did learn a few things. I don’t know of any others, unfortunately.

  4. That’s another very useful top – and a free pattern too! I love all of your dyed fabrics but I’m so messy i really can’t imagine it would be a good thing for me to try 😱.

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