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We have a suburb in Perth called “Malaga” but it has nothing to do with this top! I bought the Yuki Waffle Malaga pleated hem top pattern whilst I was in the US recently and knew the minute I saw it that it would fit right in with my very retired lifestyle.

Then I went stash diving and came up with a lovely cotton terry knit which I bought at Mood Fabrics on my previous visit to New York. Definitely time to make this fabric up!

Here is my first attempt.


I made the pattern up according to the instructions, which include facings on the hem and sleeve hems. I was very dubious about this as I figured the fabric would be really thick if I made it up as per the instructions, and so it proved. I also decided that I should have graded the pattern in a couple of sizes at the hip as it seemed quite wide. I whipped inside, undid the tacking, ran in the side seams, and laid the hem facing flat with no fold.

This was better, but I still had that fluted hem effect. DSC09085

This time I unpicked the entire thing, removing the hem facing altogether. I then simply turned the hem under and coverstitched it. I probably should do the same with the sleeve hems as they flute out a bit, but I’m ready to move on!


It’s not wonderful as I’ve probably stretched the bottom out, but I can now live with it.

So, what do I think about this pattern? I still like it and am keen to make another. I love the hemline although I would consider lengthening the front a bit, but if I don’t wear the tightest of ponte pants, it’s not really an issue. There are some nice little features. I like the tucks at the hem and sleeve cuffs. The pattern is really designed for a woven and I wonder how many of my issues were caused by the stretchy fabric I used. There are two necklines as shown in the line drawing below.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.46.28 pm

I love both versions, but chose to make the high necked one for winter with the curved back view.  The top has raglan sleeves, which I like and lots of topstitching/coverstitching opportunities. There is a zip, which I could probably have done without, but it’s useful if I can leave my glasses on when I am constantly taking a top off to modify it!


The pattern was easy to sew and would have taken a couple of hours from start to finish if I hadn’t fiddled around so much. There is a tartan version on the website and this is the one that attracted me to the pattern in the first place, so I might just be making this again in a lovely fabric that will need epic pattern matching!

[Later update: the red cowl is one that I arm knitted. It is a mixture of red t-shirting cut into strips, red fabric strips, red wool and red roving. Happily the colours all match pretty well, but it’s also nice if they don’t!]


16 thoughts on “Waffle patterns Malaga top

  1. Very interesting construction details. I often feel that there is a lot of similarities in newly released patterns, but this one really has a unique style. I love how you can pair it with leggings or straight skirt as well. Good work!

  2. What an interesting pattern! I’m intrigued by the fact that it calls for woven fabric. Also I like your version a lot, there’s no sign of the struggles you had, it just looks lovely 🙂

  3. This Top has some interesting features and it’s sad to see that the facing didn’t worked for your version and fabric, but after some alterations you’ve a wearable Top. Looking forward to your woven version.

  4. I really like the pattern. The tucks remind me of the StyleArc Daphne top I did recently, which worked very well in a lightweight linen. I am about to try a knit in a pattern designed for woven fabric, but it’s a very stable knit with not much stretch (hemp/cotton jersey), so I hope it works.

    1. Yes, it does have a similarity except the Daphne goes into a cocoon shape whereas the tucks on this one seem to pull the whole thing in.

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