Turia Dungarees

Whilst I was in Montréal I met Hélène’s daughter Raphaëlle and she was wearing the Pauline Alice Turia Dungarees made by Hélène. She looked gorgeous and I remembered that I had planned to make myself some last winter, so thought I’d make them this winter instead. Coincidentally, I am part of a couple of challenges, one of which is entitled “June Jumpsuit Jump-in”, and I figured this is near enough a jumpsuit as it has all the required components – it’s one piece and provides difficulties with bathroom visits! I also have an occasion which calls for “farm wear”, so these are the first part of that outfit.


The dungarees are designed to be cropped length, but we all know how disgusting that looks on me, so I lengthened the legs to ankle length. I made no other changes, and used my hip measurement to choose the size rather than my bust measurement and they fit really well, although next time I make them I might lengthen the body a smidge.

According to the pattern the Turia dungarees feature front and back patch pockets, zipped sides, classic pinafore back and adjustable shoulder straps. Pretty normal dungarees then. I just realised that I put a zip in one side only, not realising that I should have put them in both sides. Clearly I don’t read the instructions! I don’t understand why you’d put a zip in both sides, one is ample.

Something clearly went awry with the back pockets: I can barely get my hands in them, but no matter because the front pockets are more than big enough.


I threaded a belt through the belt loops the first time I wore the dungarees, but decided to try wearing them without a belt the second time, and think I might prefer it. What I don’t prefer is the sloppy way the straps are threaded through the buckles resulting in this very untidy look. I think I might have to stitch them down so this doesn’t happen again.


I’m really surprised I prefer this look as I would have thought that I would like them pulled in more.


I also feel as though the bodice is now the perfect length for me.DSC09172

I used some corduroy that has been lurking in my stash leftover from a pair of trousers I made for Mark and which I clearly have never blogged. The colour is, frankly, rather disgusting. My friend Suzanne described is as “grandpa brown”, and I think she’s pretty spot on. I don’t mind it at all, as it happens. The hardware came from the throwout bin at Knitwit, and I was pleased to note that I bought two lots of buckles as I plan to make the shorts version of this for summer.

And finally, I tried for a “yeehah” moment. Not sure I pulled it off though!!






21 thoughts on “Turia Dungarees

  1. Lots to say about this one! First, I love these dungarees on you. Corduroy is an awesome idea and this “non colour” will go with everything. About the back pockets: reading your post, I remembered that Raphaëlle had asked me right from the start to put on larger back pockets. So I enlarged them and sewn a button on, so she could use them to carry her books securely. 😉

    I also replaced the side zip with a buttoned placket – a classic feature on dungarees. As for the straps, I think the loose ends are meant to be worn downward (somewhat hidden behind the bib). Lastly, I would totally see Mark in dungarees like these, playing Mr. Douglas in The Green Acres. You remember this TV show where a former NY lawyer tried to turn into a gentleman farmer? But the comparison stops right here as Mark is skilful whereas Mr. Douglas was so clumsy!

  2. LOL at the yeehah moment. You may need some line dance tuition! I looked and looked at this pattern a few months ago and may now revisit it. What a fun outfit. I’m currently making a dungaree dress. Great minds think alike!

  3. What a great make. The colour suits you and it has the perfect comfortable fit. I can remember that I had one when I was pregnant and I sill use it for house decorating.

  4. Well, there are dome mysteries with these pant, you’re right! And you’re also right about the conditions that define a garment as a jump suit 😀 I have been eyeballing this pattern for a while now and I like your version, I think I will need to give it a try now 🙂

  5. You look so young in these cute dungarees! I like them more without the belt, too, and what a luck since it will be easier at the bathroom visit! I would prefer much bigger back pockets. All the front pockets are so generous, so bigger would be better.

  6. I think these are extremely cute on you! and I have to confess I even completely adore that colour and would wear it in a flash. Grandpa brown indeed!

  7. I lived in dungarees in my mid teens (much to my mothers disgust) so I think yours look great. I’m wondering now if I could still rock the look as well as you are…..

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