Sarah and Sue sew Sophie swimsuits

How’s that for an alliterative title? I’ve been hankering after a Closet Case Patterns Sophie swimsuit for a while, but really wanted to do the two piece version, so Sarah and I did a sewalong together.IMG_9992

I wore them camping last weekend, and they were perfect for wandering around in the heat and kept me fairly cool. The lycra is rather gorgeous and I obtained it from Sarah’s stash and I believe she bought it at Textile Traders.  I could only find plastic bra closures and they have an alarming tendency to break, so the top was slightly modified. IMG_9986

The wide halter was converted to thin straps , and instead of a regular closure, the back of the bra sides were sewn into two tabs through which the straps are threaded and tied in a bow at the back. This is a really comfortable way to wear the bra.


I couldn’t get any action shots as I was using my watch to activate the timer on my iphone and I would have needed to take it off to go swimming, but you get the idea.

I really think these are the most flattering bathers and I have another pair almost completed. The bottoms fit really well and I just had to make sure that the elastic round the legs was tight enough to hold me together.25CD0041-B956-4237-ADAB-52920A582B0B

This bra doesn’t have underwires but it seems to hold up pretty well, even with the narrow straps. I’m hoping to take these on a family holiday later in the year and by then I might have a whole wardrobe of them.IMG_0024


30 thoughts on “Sarah and Sue sew Sophie swimsuits

  1. I’ve been looking at this one myself. Unfortunately all I can find in the stores is the plastic closures too. So I’m going to wait a bit and see if the summer weather brings better supplies to the stores. Nice to know the it can be converted to a tie-back. Also nice to know that the pattern is a good one! Your’s looks lovely in the sunshine.

  2. Brilliant hack – I’m sure Heather Lou will love your original twist to avoid plastic closure. And the colour of your new bather is awesome. Love your photos!

  3. The suit is beautiful and you look smashing in it! Did you ever model? You certainly could!!

  4. They look really great! Can I give a tip for sourcing bra hardware – op shops are often terrific for this. Funny cos I wouldn’t fancy buying a second hand bra but the hardware off it is another story.

  5. Its so cold here that I am feeling chilly looking at you, but aside from that craziness on my part, what a great swim suit! I can envision the fabric in all kinds of things, should it ever warm up on this side of the world.


  6. Very impressive! You look great so I can see why you intend a wardrobe of these. Was it comfortable to swim in? I tend to prefer a one piece for swimming (or wetsuit given UK temperatures!)

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