Papercut Anima pants – woven

I previously blogged my knit version of the Papercut Patterns Anima Pant, which turned out to be rather large and haven’t become any smaller with washing, so I had a go at making them from a woven fabric going down a size.


I made them from some lovely double gauze cotton which I dyed in an indigo vat during a dip dye day that some Perth sewers and I participated in. I wore them once and noticed that my legs took on a rather alarming blue cast, so I threw them in the washing machine and they are now fine, but considerably lighter.


These are perfect for walking, being ultra-light and having pockets to keep my phone in. I’ve worn them a few times now and thought I’d get some photos at the river, but happened to choose a really windy afternoon. In Perth we have a meteorological condition  called the “Fremantle Doctor” which is a sea breeze cooling us down when the weather is hot, but also making us quite chilly when it’s not!f5fd6b3e-18b2-4eba-82ef-02ece144de6b

Yes, the Fremantle Doctor was in with a vengeance!b547099c-2091-49e0-ba85-edb87cf75977

I teamed my Anima Pants with the top from Vogue 1247, which has always been uncomfortably big, and I was walking along contemplating throwing it away, when I began playing with the front seam and realised that if I bring the seam in by redoing the French seam, all my problems may be solved. At least I have nothing to lose and I really love the silk fabric, so it’s worth giving it a go.


The back is fine, it is just the front that falls off my shoulders and gapes at the centre.

Since writing this post, I have unpicked all those French seams and resewn them, bringing in the centre front seam by 2.5cm. It has made a difference, but my overarching thought on this top is still that it’s too big. I’m not wasting any more time on it, but I might at least wear it now.



14 thoughts on “Papercut Anima pants – woven

  1. This cool ensemble screems summer and sunshine! I’m taking loads of notes for next summer. You did a great job taking in the top – it now looks perfect, very soft and feminine. I have this Vogue pattern in my collection and was planning to make it in a nice off-white crepe from my stash. But now that I’ve read your review, I shall remember to go down a size or two. As for your new woven Anima pants, they do have a great laidback fit. Double gauze is such a marvelous fabric. I’d like to make something similar, maybe with the Lola pants pattern from Style of Arc, which I bought in their recent sale. Bref, I will be shamelessly copying you in 2017. Happy new sewing year, Sue! xx


    1. Oh shame that the pattern is now out of print – it’s so popular! The Anima pant is nice. I’ve just made the True Bias Hudson pant so will be doing a comparison. Happy New Year Sonja!


  2. Your Anima pants look relaxed and a great compliment to the fuller Rachel Comfey top. Sorry it doesn’t work for you, I love mine and the orange one Dilliander gifted me is amazing as well.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2017.


  3. That outfit looks perfect for the conditions! (Not the doctor – just warm weather.Sorry) I was admiring the top before I read that you thought it was too big. It is a bit on the loose side but I think it looks great. I hope you learn to love it now that you have reduced the size a bit.

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  4. Hehe, I loved that photo in the wind 🙂 And I like your outfit. The new pair of pants has a beautiful color and the blouse goes very well with it. I wouldn’t have noticed something was wrong with it.


  5. What a windy day and so cool that you included all these wind-blown looks in your blog photos and explained a little more about the beautiful place where you live! Love it! These pants look like they are a great pair of pants to wear! And sorry the alterations didn’t work on the top. I think I sewed a larger seam in the shoulder seams too and that seemed to help pull it all up. Don’t blame you for being sort of ‘done’ with it. It does look cute on you with the pants though!! 🙂


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