Red raincoat

Remember my post on the making of a raincoat pattern? Well, the raincoat is made and I’m quite pleased with it! Followers on Instagram may recognise this photo taken in London, where the coat got its inaugural outing.


The sculpture is called “Still Water” and represents a drinking horse. It is 10m tall – isn’t it stunning? Right, enough of the sculpture, this is about my raincoat! Clearly it’s sunny, so the raincoat couldn’t prove that it could do its job of keeping me dry, but I sealed all the seams, so at this point I am assuming the best.

Coat and I had a lovely time kicking through the falling leaves in Hyde Park, as  well as trying to catch them.


Mark took these photos and although the leaves were falling everywhere, they didn’t fall on me, but on him!


We also had a little outing to Trafalgar Square where I found this thumb (entitled Really Good). The thumb is part of a series of sculptures that are installed on the plinth. When we were here in January, there was a skeletal horse there, so I was pleased to see another one.


It was drizzling slightly so I was pleased to press the hood into action. Below is probably a better shot of the coat.


Just a few notes on making this coat: As per the previous post, I used ripstop from Spotlight, and lined it with red silk from Sri Lanka, which was an almost perfect match. I used a hidden button placket, and employed snaps to secure the fronts together.


An in-progress shot showing the welt pocket with flap.


the coat has two side vents which are also secured with snaps. img_7057

Showing the pocket. I also used Seam Grip to seal all the seams, but it was a bit of a disaster as it bled through the fabric creating some dark spots, which are visible in the seam next to the pocket. I am pretending that it’s not there! img_7058

I was a bit freaked out making this coat as I had read that you shouldn’t press waterproof fabric as it removes the waterproofing. Do you know how much you long to use an iron when you can’t?! I took it off to my pattern-making class and Sarah held my hand whilst I pressed essential bits. We did some test samples which we threw water at, but which seemed to maintain its waterproofing properties, so I think I’m going to be ok!

Given that this was a self-drafted pattern with no construction notes, I was pleased with the way it came together. I am planning on making at least one (maybe two) more, and am going to make a couple of minor tweaks, such as lengthening the back of the storm flap.

And now back to Hyde Park where I was admiring the gorgeous autumn colours.



46 thoughts on “Red raincoat

  1. Who would have thought ripstop from Spotlight and silk from Sri Lanka would work so well together?! I really like the classic look of your coat, it is very London-looking.

  2. Great new coat, keep on enjoying your holiday, Terrific photos Mark, X Suzanne

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  3. Coat looks fabulous Sue and red is a great stand-out colour when travelling. You’ll always be spotted in a crowd. Would you share how well it fits into a suitcase, please?

    1. Yes, I was worried about the red, but it’s great. I currently have the coat packed into a hand bag – it folds to nothing and the creases just drop out (slowly!)

  4. I think the red colour makes it really special. Raincoats are too often black or dark blue. And the flaps add a smart British accent. Great job Sue! Your pics are awesome.

  5. Your new Raincoat looks so great, it fits you so well and I love how much work you put into all those details. Thanks for showing those beautiful holiday pictures as well.

  6. Your raincoat looks fabulous! I love the colour on you. I’m surprised the seam grip would leak through, it didn’t for me, maybe the formula has been changed?

  7. Wow, red really suits you – lovely job on the coat as well as the picking! I am very partial to silk lining too, and this is a stellar example.


  8. Oh yay! I have been waiting for this post. It is so great to see the final result. I really think you did a great job, it looks lovely. And your guy is a really great photogrepher. I really think blog pictures are a challenge. I totally agree about the horse statue, it is lovely, and very moving.

  9. Your red raincoat looks fantastic but hope it is a a much better quality ripstop than I purchased from Spotlight as mine is good for a light shower but anything heavier I am a drowned rat.

    1. The ripstop is pretty lightweight but it’s stood up to the English weather so far. I don’t think it would do well in much more than a heavy shower though. I’m hunting for good stuff to make another one.

  10. Glorious coat!!! Love the color and the fit! I clicked back to your original raincoat post to review how you pulled your pattern together, and am completely amazed and so impressed with your finished result. Lovely. Just lovely. 🙂

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