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Whilst I’ve been coverstitching my clothes for some time, my newfound love of the reverse coverstitch knows no bounds. It has led me down a bit of a rabbit hole as I explore sewing patterns with style lines that lend themselves to coverstitching.

I noticed on Instagram that Meggipeg has also been experimenting with coverstitching, so we embarked on a short email exchange about suitable patterns and she alerted me to this one – the Lady Aimee which is a free pattern.


Not only does this easy-to-make pattern lend itself to coverstitching, it also is brilliant for colour blocking and using all those scraps I have lying around. My problem is that my scraps are really boring, so I had a rummage and found a few spools of variegated thread. I tried them out in the looper and chose this one, which both tones and contrasts nicely.dsc08385

It’s interesting that the brown section just disappears into the burgundy. I was so pleased with this top that I just threw it on and snapped some photos. Shame about the lack of lipstick!


I think I like the back view best. The fabrics are both fine wool, the cream leftover from this top and the burgundy is left over from a long sleeved t-shirt I made for Mark (unblogged). I do notice that the sleeves are really long and I shall take a couple of centimetres off them next time. dsc08373

I also made a summer weight version. I tried to find more interesting fabrics and decided to mix floral and stripes. Again these are all fabrics from my scrap box and I was quite pleased with the way they toned.


Plain coverstitching on this one!

I ran a bit short of the striped fabric so made a yoke from some scraps from the scraps! Coverstitched it of course!!fullsizerender-2-copy-2

I ran the stripes in the opposite direction to the lower part and really like the effect.


The fabrics are all light weight cotton knits and this is one of the most comfortable t-shirts I own. I was able to wear it on a beautiful day that promised summer, and we went for a bike ride in the bush. This is the Blackwood River, which is still fairly swollen from the winter rains, but the levels are falling rapidly now. Having said that, the weather went pear shaped a day or two later, so the levels may have risen again!img_9854


20 thoughts on “Lady Aimee top

  1. I just ordered the pattern – love both versions. Is this coversitich look achieved just by stitching on ine inside instead of the outside? I must take time to play with my coverstitch machine!! More time now that the Goloden Phoenix is finished! Beautiful tops and love the photos – even without lipstick!!

  2. It’s OK to play when you end up with two wonderful and comfortable tops to wear! Now I want a coverstitch machine even more!

  3. Love these – especially the winter one. Variegated thread is wonderful isn’t it? I love it – makes all the difference to any project. I’ll stop now or I could probably write an essay on its joys

  4. I already told you on IG how I love these new tees. Now just a word about this natural environment: magnifique! 😍

  5. I like them both, but particularly the short sleeved version. The variegated thread looks wonderful on the other version . I played with some on my daughters shorts to good effect – coverstitch machines are such fun! Thanks for alerting me to this pattern 😃

  6. The coverstitching looks great on both, particularly the first top. Lovely and warm in wool, I would imagine! The Lady Aimee pattern looks good; similar to a McCalls one I paid for!

    1. Thank you Trish, it’s interesting, I have a Style Arc pattern from a few years ago which is almost identical but doesn’t fit me as well, so I think there are a few versions of this style floating around.

    1. Ah, coverstitch machines. They are wonderful when they work well, and a pain in the proverbial when they don’t! I do like the effect though.

  7. these are both such great tops! I love them both. I like the neutralness of the second one, and love the fun and colourful variegated thread in the first! And your bush block is GORGEOUS!!

  8. I love my cover stitch and had a lot of fun with variegated thread for my active wear a few years ago.

    Your t-shirts look very comfortable and love the different details in both.

  9. Both tops are so cute and look like they’d be the type of tops that would be worn a lot! Really, really like the variable thread you used in the long-sleeve version. What type of cover-stitch machine do you have? I’ve only got a regular serger but have a cover-stitch machine on my dream list. 🙂

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