1930s Capelet

When I was preparing my Vintage Pledge, I wanted to practice the Decades of Style 1930s Capelet before I cut into the silk velvet so I made this one – from a curtain which I got free at REmida, and I lined it with some hot pink pongee from Fabulous Fabrics. DSC08066

That collar is supposed to sit up or down, not sit all dog eared like this, but no matter. The collar should be secured with a button, but I feel as though I’m being strangled, so didn’t put one there.


Speaking of buttons, I used three 1940s buttons that I just happened to have in my stash, and I don’t think I could have found better buttons if I scoured the known universe.


I love the back of this jacket – it feels rather Sherlock Holmes-like.DSC08074


I wanted to style this jacket in front of a 1930s building, and chose our local movie theatre, but Mark had to stand in the middle of a busy road, so it was a bit disconcerting.


I made the brown bengaline wide-legged trousers to complement the capelet, but sadly I haven’t managed to coordinate a top yet. Anyway, I did get my hair styled into a kind of Marcel wave, so here it is in all its glory.FullSizeRender

and here I am trying (and failing) to look a bit 1930s movie starletIMG_6506

I’ve now made two of these capelets, but don’t think they will be the last.

[Later update: I forgot to mention that the pattern does not include lining, I have lined mine because I felt that it gave it more polish. The lining did add a level of complexity that I could have done without, but I’m glad I lined it.]


32 thoughts on “1930s Capelet

  1. Your second vintage caplet is ravishing – love the red lining poping out – and the fit is so good with your wide-legged pants, you look like 6 feet tall on the picture in front of the cinema. Were you asked for autographs?

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  2. Capelet looks gorgeous on you Sue. Can’t believe it was curtain material! Buttons are perfect. Congrats on the lining. not something i would attempt without a pattern.


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