Stylearc Estelle Jacket

Oh yes, I am on the long jacket bandwagon and this one was inspired by Megan from Meggipeg – thanks for enabling Megan!


This of course, is the Style Arc Estelle jacket and I made it from a beautiful taupe ponte from Knitwit. I love Knitwit’s ponte as it holds it shape really well, and their wool pontes make my mouth water. DSC07830

This has to be the quickest make ever. Just a few seams but little finishing. I noticed in this photo that the unfinished edges weren’t the best, which is something to be aware of when making clothes with raw edges.


I fixed mine by attacking them with a blade and they are now (almost) perfect.


I’ve worn it a few times already, and know that it will be in constant rotation. I have a small piece of the ponte left and I thought I’d pair it with some brown ponte to make a skirt to go with the jacket, so this will not be the last you’ve seen of this jacket.

In a couple of these photos I am wearing my new brown bengaline trousers (crumpled after being worn all day) and thought you might like to see the hack I did. As I was short of fabric I cut off the top of the pattern and added a wide band roughly equivalent to the depth that I cut off. Unfortunately I misjudged this and they sit a bit low. Every now and then I hitch them up with unfortunate consequences :). I wanted to be able to put my phone in a pocket and decided that side pockets weren’t the right thing so hit on welt pockets. As it turned out they also weren’t the right thing and I had to cut them off! They were almost perfect too!! Ah well, now I have faux welt pocketsIMG_6636

This was the perfect outfit for having a quick coffee on a recent visit to Bridgetown. I donned my jumper which I originally knitted for my one year one outfit pledge but didn’t include. I love the handmade sheoak buttons down the back. IMG_6658


25 thoughts on “Stylearc Estelle Jacket

  1. That colour – gorgeous! And the fabric looks very high end. I’m sure you will wear it a lot. That cafe table is pretty amazing too.

  2. You look very elegant in these deep, slightly muted shades. This sort of cardigan would make me look stumpy, but you can wear these lovely flowing lines with such style. Good tip on the unfinished edges (now cut precisely).

  3. Your Estelle Jacket looks great Sue. The colour is lovely and being a neutral should go with lots of things in your wardrobe. I know what you mean about those raw edges…they really need to be perfect to be left in this raw state. Those faux welt pockets in your pants look amazing. Well done!

  4. Oh, I know what you mean! I had read this post from Meggipeg – doesn’t she look fabuleuse? And you, now! This taupe colour is luminous and I can’t help but admire the perfect shoulder fit.

  5. Looking good! I’m glad I’m not the only one who spots ‘problems’ when I look at the photos I take – yet I rarely see a problem with what anyone else makes. There has to be a message for us all there 🙂

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