Sirena: a new release from Itch to Stitch

I was lucky enough to test this lovely dress from Itch to Stitch. It is the Sirena dress and it is going to be one that I will wear often when the weather permits.DSC07556

I made the version with the flounced sleeves, although I wasn’t sure I would like them

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.15.22 pm

Bottom line? I adore them! I had to shop my stash for fabric and came up with this glorious blue linen for the dress, and found some apricot topstitching thread also in my stash, which then led me to find this lovely dupion silk left over from my  apricot Bellini  to line the flounce. I just love these two colours together. The pattern does come with sleeves that have a band at the bottom, and I am considering these for the cooler weather that is upon us.


I made the lined version of the dress and used this very luxurious feeling blue silk, also from the stash.


Kennis, the designer of the dress wanted us to use an exposed zipper, but after much scouring of Perth shops I could not find a single metal zip that wasn’t open ended. I had to use an invisible zip, and my dress protested by wrinkling the full length – gah.DSC07560

In fact, I only had to look at this dress for it to behave as though I had slept in it! These photos were my second attempt at getting something halfway decent to show you, and of course, all my lipstick had worn off leaving me looking rather tired. Ah well!

I also love the fact that this dress has roomy pockets neatly inserted into the side seam. This is the first version of the pattern; the new version has a slightly lowered neckline, which I think would be better. Although the dress has a fair bit of top stitching, it is easy to sew. The instructions are extremely clear and well thought out. The pattern is a joy to make – everything aligns perfectly and I had no real head scratching moments. I dropped the waistline by 2cms, and when I make it again I shall drop and shorten the darts a smidgen, and I might also bring the waist in just a bit. One of the things that I love about this pattern is that it uses cup sizes. This means that I didn’t need to grade between sizes to get the dress to fit my waist and hips, I made the 4C which was pretty close to my measurements. The pattern also comes in a layered PDF, so much easier to trace off. I always mentally thank designers who give this option.


Details: fabric is blue linen bought for me by Mark in Sri Lanka a couple of years ago, with blue silk bought at the Fabric Store in Melbourne. The topstitching thread came from an op shop (I bought about 20 reels of all different colours), and the apricot silk dupion was also bought by Mark on the same trip to Sri Lanka. Shoes are Christian Louboutin.


32 thoughts on “Sirena: a new release from Itch to Stitch

  1. This is such a lovely dress. Your colours are gorgeous and the fit looks fantastic. How good that the cup sizes are built into the sizing.

  2. Overall I love it! Sorry about the zip not working out the best, though, otherwise very nicely done. Love, Love, Love a lined dress! Colors are terrific and they look wonderful on you. The color contrast is spot on. Terrific!

  3. Wow, nice one. I love the colours together – the unexpected flashes of apricot are delicious! Go on, you know you want to, unpick that zip and order an exposed one from the ‘east’! Can’t believe no one has commented on your gorgeous shoes, terrific accessory for your gorgeous legs Fadanista!

  4. You are so pretty in this dress! I love that you have used so precious fabrics and that you have sewn it so neatly. The comlementary colours are very effectiv and nothing can top the combination with your shoes!

  5. This dress looks so elegant on you, complete with a pair of Louboutins! I equally admire your top stitching – apricot on blue is a a great match. As for the zipper issue, I had to look back to the picture searching for the problem you mentioned and I don’t see it. IMO, it doesn’t need to be redone.

  6. Gorgeous and beautifully made! The sleeve is really cute and I love how you’ve echoed the contrast topstitching in it’s lining.
    I always get that wrinkling when I sew a zip into polyester, and a sample machinist told me her trick – to apply tension to the fabric behind the presser foot – and it works every time!

    1. Thanks Sheryll, I think I got the wrinkling because I sewed a stitching line and it somehow got pulled when I put the zip in, grr! However your truck sounds neat so will try next time. I am quite fond of my contrast topstitching too 😀

  7. this looks absolutely great, Sue! It’s a lovely shape and the colours look just fab together. Like I said on ig; I totally love the orange facing inside the sleeves. Far more interesting than if the facing had just been a matching blue 🙂

  8. Fabulous Sue, very stylish. I love the flared sleeves ……understated elegance!!

  9. That’s a style to be made more than once. The colour contrasts are lovely, nice to get an unexpected flash of apricot. Lovely Sue – and change the zip if you feel strongly but bear in mind hardly anyone would see a problem there. We are so hard on ourselves!

    1. I’ve been persuaded to leave the zip alone, Kim, so all’s well that ends well in that department! I also like the subtle contrast in the bell sleeves.

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