Leftovers jumper with brown trousers

I really must work on my blog titles! Anyway, I made this jumper with the piece of fabric I bought from Pitt Trading in Sydney to be a shawl collar on my Oslo cardigan and which wasn’t long enough. I am pleased to have it out of my stash, but it’s been a beast of a thing to make.


As you can see, I didn’t have enough fabric for the jumper so managed to use scraps from the Oslo cardigan to supplement it. I really like the patch on the left shoulder though – in fact, it’s my favourite part. The pattern is one of the self-drafted ones I did during my pattern making class at Workspace-FADS.

Less of a favourite part is the bottom band and it caused the jumper to sit in the naughty corner for a month. No matter what I did I could not get the bottom straight. Keep in mind that this fabric doesn’t fray – it shreds, so unpicking is not to be desired.DSC07595

I can see that I didn’t stitch the seam of the bottom band down, but I think I was trying to avoid stretching the fabric. I went back and did this and it does help hold the band flat, but I’m not sure I like the line of stitching… Too late now, there’s no unpicking this lot!


The neckline was also quite baggy and I did unpick and resew it a couple of times – using a new band each time because the old one was unrecoverable, however, in the end, I threaded some elastic through and it’s now good enough to wear.DSC07607

The jumper goes brilliantly with the cardigan though and is so warm on a cool morning.


The brown trousers are bengaline from Knitwit, made quite a while ago now. They have a back zip and are made from my trouser block. The trouser block is for a woven, so I had a go at making them smaller – not very successfully. I’ve since learned in my pattern-making class that I should have taken room out of the middle of the pattern, rather than taking the trousers in at the sides. These are totally wearable, but I might make another pair with my learned technique and see if I can get rid of that bit of extra fabric on the upper thigh.

Both of these items are going into my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge, which is a bonus!

It’s Mother’s Day here, so I’m off to visit my Mother and show her my new outfit.



17 thoughts on “Leftovers jumper with brown trousers

  1. I pressed the button by mistake – I wanted to add that I was interested that you take the room out of trousers from the centre. I haven’t done any pattern making classes, so this is really useful information and I’ll be trying it at the next opportunity.

  2. it looks beautifully cosy; and I love the colours on you. A really interesting, modern and creative “twin-set” 🙂

  3. Your perseverance on this project really paid off. What a superb twin-set with a laid-back twist! As for the pants, they appear grey rather than brown on my screen. Have a great Mother’s Day with your mom!

  4. Another creative winner. Your naughty corner amuses me and I am going to adopt this technique!!!

  5. Necessity being the mother of invention worked well here. I love the contrast details.
    I have a knitted fabric bought some time ago that I am eyeing up on a regular basis but it is still growling at me. I will wait for it to settle.

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