Tops with ruched collar and cuffs

I used to own a top with ruched cuffs and collar and, although it’s long gone, I thought I’d have a go at copying it.


Because I was working from my rather sketchy memory, I have experimented a little. My first try is this simple black top with the collar and cuffs (and my original was black). I don’t really like polo necks, but there are occasions when my neck gets cold, so I thought this would be handy. It’s also part of my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe – this top goes with everything!


I used my t-shirt block for the basic pattern , making it a little longer and guessing the size of the collar and cuffs. It’s also finally cold enough for me to wear my Oslo cardigan. The black tencel was in my stash and it’s a bit thinner than I would like, but this will be a layering top.


I will do a mini tutorial on how to sew these cuffs and collar as they are so easy and, I think, quite effective. Here is a close up of a grey one I’ve just made. I made the collar and cuffs and little longer on this one. IMG_5140

I also made a Deer & Doe Plantain tee-shirt with just the cuffs.


I have had this pattern in my arsenal for ever, and now can’t understand why I’ve never made it, and understand why everyone else has! It is a lovely shape, although the neckline is a little low for me, and this is a free pattern – how good is that? I had intended to add the ruched collar, but forgot to raise the neckline, so made some bias binding and sewed it round. This did cause me some angst as the bias had no stretch at all and the neck wouldn’t sit flat at the back. In the end I sewed a line of gathering stitches across the back and eased the neck into the bias. Worked a treat – almost!


Please note the cuffs, I think they are really sweet on this top, and I’m glad it doesn’t have the collar now that it’s finished.


This top is made from fabric that Mark bought me when he was in Hobart. I was quite impressed with the fabrics he chose. This one is a gorgeous cotton knit, which is firm, but drapey. It was a remnant with a small hole in it that I managed to cut round. I did manage to pattern match, but it made my brain bleed!




24 thoughts on “Tops with ruched collar and cuffs

  1. I really like the ruched collar and cuff, is the collar not so restricting on your neck? Can’t wait for the mini tutorial.

  2. I really like all of these and would like to see the grey one on. I’m also interested to see how you do the gathering. Shirring elastic? The blue one looks really nice with those trousers. I can’t get over that Mark buys you fabric!

    1. Hehe, Mark does a pretty good job of the fabric buying! Not shirring elastic, knicker elastic! I am just writing the tutorial post. I realise that I’ve learned a lot along the way.

  3. Those ruched collars and cuffs are a great way to add interest to an otherwise plain design. I love your Plantain t shirt. I too have just discovered this awesome pattern, as you know.

    1. Yes, I can’t believe it took me so long to try the Plantain. I think the ruching lifts the tops to make them a bit dressier. Thanks for your comment as always, Jean.

  4. Plantain has been my favorite tee since its release. Isn’t this shape fabulous? I shall try it with ruched sleeves (after reading your tutorial). You rock on the last picture, Sue!

  5. Great couple of tops, I don’t like the low neckline of the Plantain either, but the rest of it is pretty decent! Love the rusching at the cuffs, makes it all a little more “posh”.

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