Tammy dress and overlay for SSW

The next part of my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe is this StyleArc Tammy dress and overlay made from a very fine merino from Global Fabrics, Dunedin, bought when I was there several years agoDSC07097-3.

The Tammy dress is a simple tank dress, which, surprisingly for a StyleArc pattern, fitted me with no adjustments needed.


The overlay is supposed to be an integral part of the dress, but I made mine removable so that I could wear the dress under other parts of my SSW. It is also supposed to be open from the back neck, but I felt that my fabric was too floppy and originally sewed the whole of the back seam. I later unpicked half the seam and finished it with a vintage button.DSC07101

I used this button to give some interest to what is a very plain dress. I struggled to find a suitable button that didn’t have a shank, but eventually found this one, the origins of which are completely unknown to me.DSC07100

Because I separated out the overlay, I can remove it and use my velvet jacket as a cover up for evening or casual dinner.DSC07104

The colour of the dress isn’t perfect, but it is acceptable.DSC07107

So a simple dress, that took a few short hours to whip up. I have been meaning to make this for a while, and have been inspired by Meggipeg’s several versions, although when I tried to link I couldn’t find any! Megan has been nagging me gently suggesting that I make this ever since she discovered I had bought the pattern in last year’s sale. So Megan – here it is, and I am thrilled with it. I cannot wait to make another.

[update] Megan has since given me the links to her makes – (http://www.meggipeg.com/2015/02/stylearc-tammy-knit-dress-x3-and-with.html) and here (http://www.meggipeg.com/2015/01/stylearc-tammy-knit-dress.html



22 thoughts on “Tammy dress and overlay for SSW

  1. So very chic, Sue! and it’s perfect with that simple button at the back. The perfect finishing touch. I’m not sure why you’re not happy with the colour, it suits you beautifully 🙂

  2. You should be pleased with this! Its simple lines suit you and look very chic. I love the removable overlay, and the button just makes it! I don’t have much time for fussy layered dresses, and can’t see why all such features can’t be removable. It makes them much more versatile. Anyway, enough waffling. It’s a huge success!

  3. You look stunning, my dear! I love how you played around with the pattern to make something even more practical and really original with a fine button detail. IMO, this ruby colour is more than “acceptable”. Oh, and these shoes!

    1. Thank you Hélène, I do like the colour now – I thought it was a bit dark. The shoes are quite old now but still stylish thanks to good old Christian!

  4. Lovely dress – and making the overlay removable means it is especially useful. I’m certain that you will find it to be a great wardrobe staple. (That makes it sound too utilitarian for such a good dress but I’m sure you will understand what I mean!)

  5. It’s a perfect dress. The excellent fit and the comfort of the overlay top, and the wonderful colour that is great on you – you can wear this dress any day, any evening (weather permitting). Super work.

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