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I’ve seen a few tops in the shops with the split bottom half wrapping around to the front and thought I’d like one. Sarah from Workspace-FADS happened to buy one from a well known Australian store and we set about copying it reinterpreting it!


I deployed some fabric that I had found in an op shop, a sweetly flowered blue chambray, and I just had enough by adding a centre back seam.

The pattern is based on my shirt block created in my pattern making class. I added a little detail at the back – just because I could!


This top is essentially a wearable muslin as I hadn’t toiled my new pattern at all, just dived in, and then looked at what needed fixing. The photos above are the first working, and the following photos were taken after some quick modifications.


All I did was run the side seams in a couple of centimetres as the top was a bit baggier than I liked. I then had a larger overlap at the sides, and I changed the direction of the overlap from the back facing the front to the front facing the back, which looks much better. I stitched partway down the overlap to improve the way it all sat.


I also reduced the length of the bust darts, which improved things immensely.

The front has a button placket and the neck binding curves into a kind of collar/neckband. The buttons are deep blue gingham ones that I bought in Hong Kong and which I chose for this top with Archie’s help. I have to say they wouldn’t have been my choice, but I really like them.



This top is still rather loose on me, but this means that it is cool and very comfortable. I am going to perfect the fit, particularly around the shoulders, and make another one, this time from a drapier fabric.




14 thoughts on “Split bottom top

  1. Very nicely done.,I like the side seam treatment. A subtle, but classy detail. This would work well with color blocking or a pronounced directional print.
    I enjoy your blog.
    Wonderful re- interpretation!
    P.s. I am updating my blog,,should be launched shortly. I hope that you will visit.

    1. Thank you so much Susan. I tried to put a comment on your blog (which I enjoyed very much by the way), but I couldn’t find a comment box, and accidentally wrote my comment in a search box!

  2. Very cute! I imagine it is quite comfortable in the hot weather? A lady at work has bought a RTW split bottom top. The split is quite WIDE! I asked her how much did she pay? She said $10. I said it was only $10 because they cheated out on the amount of fabric they used! 🙂

    1. Haha Linda! They are popping up everywhere now. I am working my way up to a dress length version (with good overlap) for the really hot weather, as it’s so comfortable.

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