Presto Popover hack

I’ve made a couple of these really useful Presto Popover tops by Savage Coco patterns (earlier versions here and here) but I think it is a perfect top for hacking.


Whilst the construction of the front of the pattern is excellent for thin, transparent knits, it does use rather more fabric than I would wish. I enlisted the help of Sarah at Workspace-FADS and we designed this pattern alteration, which I have to say is pretty obvious when I thought about it.


I redrew the pattern pieces and drew a curved line from the arm scye to the centre. I could have gone higher but then it would have been too close to the neckline point. Please excuse the photos, they were taken at 4am at the airport – not my favourite time of the day.21513536981_81389a274d_k-2

You might wonder why I went for the double grey stripe at the centre. I originally had the stripes running evenly across, but it looked odd at the collar part, so I redid it to make the two sides totally symmetrical.

And that’s it folks. The top pattern piece is made in the same way as the original Presto, and then the rest of the bodice is joined. I used a simple overlocked seam to join the top to the bodice, although I have done another version where I did a much more complex construction (I will post this at some later point).    20875569423_7b4f345838_z-2

The back is the same as the original top, and I managed some excellent pattern matching. I had loads of fabric and could easily have made the top longer, but didn’t, so added a band at the bottom. This does stop the bottom stretching out, so all’s well that ends well.

The fabric is a lovely, light, 100% cotton knit from Spotlight. I wore this top for nearly 24 hours and it stood up to the trip really well. The trousers were made by me several years ago, and they are a favourite for travelling in the warmer months as they are made from some sort of “technical” fabric (how it was marketed), which is quite stretchy with excellent recovery.

This hack makes it easy to do colour blocking, and I’ve also made a dress version out of all scraps.


18 thoughts on “Presto Popover hack

  1. Very chic, Sue! Love the colour and love it with those trousers… BTW: I loved your 1 year outfit. Was blown away by the craftsmanship and love the fact that it is white. (Sorry for belated reply but has been a tad chaotic here in the last six weeks). Rachel xo

  2. You look fantastic! I can’t believe these pics were taken at 4 in the morning. What a very clever outfit for long waits in over-climatised airports – I’m taking notes. Have a pleasant trip, Sue!

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