New outfit for Mark

As previously mentioned, Mark needs new work clothes, so I made him a whole outfit over the weekend whilst he was away.


The outfit consists of trousers – Kwik Sew 4045, navy this time as the previous black ones were such a hit, and my old favourite, Kwik Sew 3422 for the shirt, made more times than I can count.


After making the black ones I decided to put welt pockets in the back, and Sue from A colourful canvas linked me to a fabulous tutorial. I haven’t done a welt pocket for about 30 years so decided to do a practice one first. It turned out perfectly and I was good to go. Then Mark told me that he liked the patch pockets as there was no bulk at all, so I began to waver, and then one of my lovely followers, Hélène, told me that she preferred the patch pockets and the deal was done. He has another pair of trousers with patch pockets!


I finished these trousers without Mark trying them on and wonder if I’ve made them a tad long. I measured some of his RTW trousers, so was confident I had it right. I might take a whisker off the bottom.

I once again used bias binding for most of the seams, which gives a very neat finish.


However, there’s a lot going on in some places!


The only thing to be said for the shirt is that the fabric is a magnificent cotton/silk blend which I got for less than $3 at the local church fete. I was confident that I could get a shirt out of the piece of fabric but I had the tiniest scraps left over, which pleases me greatly.


It was gorgeous fabric to sew and Mark tells me that it’s fabulous to wear.

In a nutshell: Trousers are Kwik Sew 4045 made from stretch cotton gaberdine from EM Greenfield, Sydney. Shirt is Kwik Sew 3422 made from cotton/silk blend from local church fete. All notions were from my stash.

Happy with his new outfit!

24 thoughts on “New outfit for Mark

  1. Sue, you-are-the-best! Thanks for including me in this post. I feel so groupie here, but your sewing energy and creativity do inspire me to sew more and fearlessly! Mark is handsome in his new outfit. His frog-print tie is insanely cute. And yes, I still love the simple and clean line of these buttoned patch pockets!

    1. Thanks Hélène, the pleasure was all mine. The tie is the very first one I ever gave Mark so we both feel sentimental about it, and it’s still one of my favourites.

  2. just brilliant! i like the sound of the cotton-silk shirt fabric. it must feel delightful to wear! Sue, can you expand a bit on the bias binding on the seams? gives a great finish, but i would have thought somewhat bulky? CHeers

    1. Apparently the bias binding is not at all noticeable when wearing the trousers. Mind you, they’re not as tight as they could be 🙂

  3. Just amazing Sue! You make it sound so simple – I’m in awe.
    Am surprised you didn’t make the tie too 🙂

  4. How do manage to whizz up all these amazing makes. The trousers and shirt look so professional, and silk and cotton shirt, wow!

  5. I’ve been following your men’s clothing projects with great interest. My favorite shirt pattern for men is kwik sew 2777, which I have made 40 (groan) times, but I like this one as well, doesn’t seem to collapse around the tie at all.
    The pants- I have just finished a pair of Jedediahs from Thread Theory which came out well, yoke back with patch pockets. I bought your same kwik sew pattern to do a pair with patch pockets but have been wavering myself if I should do welt pockets instead. I find welt pockets to be a lot more nerve-wracking to make, but recently finished a pair made with KS 3267. They’re not as fast to make as patch pockets for sure. Have you checked out the Thread Theory website? They have some nice designs for men. Anyway, I’m enjoying your projects for men and show them to my husband for inspiration.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I really like the Kwik Sew patterns and might have to investigate 2777! I will check out Thread Theory -great suggestion!

  6. wow! this is outstanding!! I think I will not tell my husband about your achievements. He has already asked for me to make a linen suit for him and I’ve successfully put it off for a few years now. You are so inspiring 🙂

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