Kimono coat from scarves

I was given two scarves to turn into a kimono coat by Gabi from a local store (Heaven Wrapped).  Pinterest is full of similar kimono coats, many of which are being sold for $200 or more.


The money made from the sale of this garment and others to follow will go to the Broomy Memorial Fund to help support men with depression.


The beauty of this kimono is in the design of the print on the scarf, and the fact that it is so quick to make. The only fiddly bit was matching the design on the back, but how rewarding is that mirrored design? The front is similar


This is the perfect thing for resort wear, evening wear over a simple black outfit, lounging around the house, or even lunch with friends – for the bold.


The scarves are 100% linen, overprinted with the design. I had to secure the fringed edges as they frayed very badly, and then sew the centre seams and the “sleeves”. That was it. My sort of sewing!


The design is best shown in flight mode, but it’s still pretty stunning when it’s at rest.DSC02697

In a nutshell: 1970s style kimono coat made from two linen scarves donated by Heaven Wrapped, Claremont. No pattern needed!


16 thoughts on “Kimono coat from scarves

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I have been looking for the ‘perfect’ fabric to make a kimono for so long. I hadn’t thought about scarves at all! This is like Christmas morning for me!!!

    Anyways, you’ve made a lovely piece…it’s like art! And such good karma selling it to raise funds!

  2. Oooh I’d have trouble giving that one away! Such a good cause though, I might just manage it, before scouring op shops for similar scarves of course!

  3. Sue its a winner – I had to laugh at the butterfly comment because that is exactly what I thought! Cant wait to see you though, there are two beautiful wool leopard/geometrical numbers that are longing to become a Kimono jacket!

  4. I would also have to fly and dance and prance in one of these. It is also good to throw on when going from summer heat to AC.
    LOve it! I am thinking two pareos (sarongs) can do the trick!

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