Fabric corrupts, fabulous fabric corrupts absolutely

Apologies for butchering that famous quote, but I have my reasons…

I have been making Mark some t-shirts out of cotton knit that I am sick of looking at. I pulled out several pieces that were manly enough in colour and have been beavering away with the Men’s Metro T-shirt from Leisl & Co. One of the pieces was brown and I’m not much of a brown person so happily cut it out. Then I realised that this was a piece of gorgeous silk jersey.


I didn’t have enough fabric to make this one long sleeved. I love these photos, he put his hand on his hip and left it there, even when he had clearly lost interest in the whole photoshoot activity!

DSC01945 DSC01947

In addition to the brown, I have made two blue long sleeved shirts and a combination of red and blue made from scraps, which he is not allowed to wear in public!


This one looks weird because I rotated the photo.


What can I say about this pattern? It takes just over an hour to make up on the overlocker and that includes moving it to coverstitch mode. I was going to go into production mode, but the first shirt (size medium) was a little small, the next (size large) was still a bit small, and the third (XL) was just right. Now I have my sizing sorted, I can make them with gay abandon, but am now a bit short of knit.

This is where the “fabulous fabric corrupts absolutely” comes in, because he has asked for more silk t-shirts as they feel light and wonderful. I see an expensive trip to Tessuti or the Fabric Store on my upcoming visit to Sydney, but you know what? He’s worth it :)!

I should just mention that I managed to stashbust 6.75 metres of knit fabric on four t-shirts. A win!


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