Flat Bottom Flo Pants.

This is yet another pattern from my 30% off haul from Style Arc in December – a trouser pattern designed for those of us who are challenged in the derriere department, unfortunately called Flat Bottom Flo.


I bought this pattern in the hope that it would solve my baggy trouser syndrome, and solve it, it did.DSC01760-2

I compared the pattern with a regular trouser pattern. Firstly, the side seams are moved around to the front a bit.


I think that this must have the effect of pulling the fabric tighter where it is normally baggy at the back, although the Style Arc blurb claims that it has a slimming effect. Hmm, maybe.

The other difference is that the crotch curve is quite straight. Here is a comparison with the StyleArc Elle pant, which is designed for the same type of fabric. The flat bottom Flo pattern is on the bottom, so the difference is quite marked. It looks shorter because there is a back yoke to be added.


These trousers are probably going to become my go to trousers for everyday wear. They are very fast to make up and are extremely comfortable. The recommended fabric is bengaline or something similar, which I thought would be too hot for the summer, so I used cotton with a small amount of spandex, which is perfect, and came from my stash.


When I was making these trousers I did wonder what I was going to wear with them, but my Weekend Getaway blouse proved to be perfect as it has an identical pink cast to its fabric.

Review of the pattern:

Pattern Description (as per Style Arc website): Every butt has a different shape! This stretch pull on pant is for those with a flatter bottom. The back side seam comes to the front giving this slightly narrow legged pant a slimming look and the back yoke adds to this flattering shape.I would describe this pattern as a simple, fairly straight legged pant which accommodates a flat bottom perfectly.Pattern Sizing:4-30

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, although I feel as though my legs looks wider than those on the drawing and as described on the pattern. I would not call these narrow legged pants – on me. I also think that having the two-tone colour in the drawing gives the style more definition than I’ve got.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Style Arc always have minimal instructions, but they are perfectly adequate as these are simple trousers to make.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I hate the title of the pattern. Flat Bottom Flo – really? However it’s a perfect description of what you’re getting, so who cares really. Apart from that, I am happy that I am not spending the day worrying about the baggy appearance of the back of my trousers.
Fabric Used: I used stretch cotton from Potter Textiles which is a perfect summer weight. I shall make some winter weight ones from bengaline as recommended.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None at all. In future I might consider narrowing the legs a little.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I am already planning more of these. I have some bengaline in my stash, and I think they might also be ok made up in a nice firm ponte.
The pattern does what it says – accommodates a flat bottom. I’m happy 🙂


10 thoughts on “Flat Bottom Flo Pants.

  1. Nice and cool! Though I think your white summer pants (Vogue 8859) have a more slender fit with narrower legs, these really do the job in the “challenging derrière department”. Love the expression.

  2. I think that these trousers are very flattering on you, Sue. I love the colour, btw. Just looking at the cut, I suspect they would also look v good at ankle length worn with a heel. Lovely.

  3. Great looking pants and the shape is quite different for the crotch curve, thought it would make a difference to the sway back not the flat derriere.

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